Series Review: Songs of Sappho #4 & 5 by: Marie-Elise Bassett


Musa Publishing 

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The Food of Love (Songs of Sappho #4): Minerva Beverly knows better than to want what she can't have. After rejecting her father's plans for an arranged marriage, she takes a position as the literature instructor at a girls academy When overcrowding forces her to take a roommate, the gorgeous music teacher Isabella Korolli, the temptation to touch grows too strong. Minerva is willing to risk it all to discover if music really is the food of love.

Bound by Fortune (Songs of Sappho #5): Someone has stolen a famous diamond necklace and all clues point to an infamous jewel thief known as the Magpie. Widow Hermione Dunnaby thinks it’s the most exciting thing that ever happened to her—until she finds Perdita Blakemoor climbing through her window in the dead of night. Although Hermione isn’t completely convinced by Perdita’s protestations of innocence, she agrees to help uncover the thief.

Will Perdita and Hermione find the missing diamonds? Or will they find something else they've both been missing--and never dared to search for?

Review: I was definitely looking forward to these next installments of the Songs of Sappho series. Beautifully written stories of love and passion between women, this series is one I can read many times over and will always enjoy. I haven't been able to determine a favorite out of the series yet, because they are all so good and compelling. Short, only 20-30 pages each, they are packed with warmth, affection, and high spirits! Please note: these stories are for mature adults only.

Songs of Sappho Series: Lily in Bloom (1), My Lady's Service (2), A Sweet Revenge (3), The Food of Love (4), Bound by Fortune (5), Winter Companion (6)


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