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Publish Date:
June 2012 

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Late one night out on the Eastern Promenade Trail in Portland, Maine, the police discover an incoherent teenager sitting in a pool of blood, holding the body of his best friend and the murder weapon. The girl they both love has been missing for weeks.

The kid’s jealousy clearly drove him to murder. He says the missing girl is the love of his life. She also happens to be the girlfriend of the murder victim.

It’s an open and shut case, or so most of Portland thinks.

Dr. Lisa Boyers, forensic psychologist, receives a call from an old friend, a connection to her troubled past. Attorney Rudy Swaner wants her to interview the young killer Paul Ducharme, who is claiming he doesn’t remember the events leading up to the murder.

In her jailhouse interviews, Lisa helps Paul to recover his memories. But something about Paul’s disturbing love story shakes Lisa to the very core of her being. To understand Paul, she is forced to confront her own ugly violent secrets.

Media attention mounts. Reporters stream into Portland. All eyes turn to the psychologist who seems intent on exonerating the vicious teen killer. Soon Lisa finds herself the focus of an over-zealous reporter with a knack for digging up dirty secrets.

But the killer who has Lisa in the crosshairs already knows them all. 

Review: Dr. Lisa Boyers is a forensic psychologist who has helped on many cases for the police. But when she gets a call from an old friend, she's not sure if she should take the case. There are too many similarities to her own past and she doesn't want her involvement publicized. Paul was found next to his best friend's body with no recollection of what happened that night and the girl they both love is missing. It's up to Lisa to walk Paul through the events from the beginning of his relationship with the missing girl to figure out the truth. Along the way, Lisa comes face to face with her past and experiences some vicious attacks of her own. Can she figure out the truth in Paul's case and save herself, too?

Lovesick is another stunning novel by Spencer Seidel. The author has written a spellbinding psychological mystery above love, obsession, revenge, and abuse. The reader will get drawn in deeper to the ever spinning web of secrets, lies, and tragedy as Lisa draws out Paul's memories. A slick and tight thriller, Lovesick will grab you, shake you, and leave you breathless until the very end.

Excerpt She tried to ignore him, but it was impossible because she couldn’t stop thinking that she was the star of some mental porno movie running on a loop in his mind. Lisa glanced at the wall clock that hung above the door: 9:30. Just a half an hour more. She wasn’t sure she could make it. She said to the class, “We’re at the half-hour mark, people. You should be on at least question three. If you’re not, I suggest you finish up and get to the next question.”She smiled at the muted grumbling from the class. No one likes a night class. Or a pop-quiz. She sat down at the desk and flipped open an Ann Rule true-crime book. She was shamelessly addicted to them. She glanced up and saw Chad staring at her legs beneath the table. When he caught her angry glare, he averted his gaze.

Q&A with Spencer Seidel:

Q: When and why did you begin writing?

A: In some sense, I feel like I’ve always been a writer. The compulsion began when I was about six or so, after reading books like The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. But it wasn’t until years later, after I’d more-or-less given up on a career as a musician, that I began to write fiction seriously. That was in my mid-twenties. I’m not so sure as to the why of it. It’s just something I feel like I need to do.

Q. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

A. Years ago, my mother had a battle with breast cancer. We’re a lot alike, so I knew she was terrified and in some ways feeling alone. I decided to write her a story to cheer her up. It was called “The Great Grey Cloud Problem.” It was a children’s story with an adult message: the world is only as dark as you make it. She loved it, and I think that’s when I thought, “Huh. Maybe I could do this.”

Q. What inspired you to write your first book?

A. My first was a novel called “Influence.” It hasn’t been published, but I think a revised version might be one day. I wrote it because I thought writing novels was something I needed to do. Total compulsion. To my surprise, many who read it thought it was good. This was another one of those maybe-I-can-write moments.

Q. Do you have a specific writing style?

A. A couple of reviews called my writing “lyrical” and/or “flowing,” which is hugely flattering. Having a nearly 25-year background in music, I’m conscious of cadences in writing, particularly in dialogue. I think that could be considered a style, but I’m always working to get better, to evolve.

Q. How did you come up with the title?

A. Ugh. Titles. I hate coming up with titles. Lovesick began as “The Streets of Portland,” which I knew was terrible. When I was about a quarter of the way through my first draft, I was brainstorming on titles using the word “love.” It then just popped into my head. Lovesick is a kind of twisted love story, so it seemed like a perfect fit to me.

Giveaway: There is one (1) copy of Lovesick available for giveaway! Entry is for US/Canada only and is open until February 29, 2012. Please leave a comment on this post including your email address to enter.


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