Book Review: Wynfield’s Kingdom by: M.J. Neary


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Publish Date:
October 9, 2009

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Synopsis: A Tale of the London Slums.

Welcome to 1830s Bermondsey, London's most notorious slum, a land of gang wars, freak shows, and home to every depravity known to man.

Dr. Thomas Grant, a disgraced physician, adopts Wynfield, a ten-year old thief savagely battered by a gang leader for insubordination. The boy grows up to be a slender, idealistic opium addict who worships Victor Hugo. By day he steals and resells guns from a weapons factory. By night he amuses filthy crowds with his adolescent girlfriend--a fragile witch with wolfish eyes.

Wynfield senses that he has a purpose outside of his rat-infested kingdom; but he never guesses that he had been selected at birth to topple the British aristocracy.

Review: How do you react when the chips are down? Can you remain optimistic or do you feel as if your life is ending? How we deal with adversity shows a great deal about our character. Wynfield has been dealt a harsh hand in life, yet he is able to rise above it all while his girlfriend struggles day to day with the heaviness of life.

Reading Wynfield’s Kingdom gave me a new appreciation for the life and times of the Victorian Era. Gritty and hard, the novel takes us down into the dank underbelly of Victorian London. Ms. Neary strips away all of the elegance and grandeur of the time to reveal the dark truths. Detailed characterization and master storytelling draw you in deep and you will enjoy the dark humor and powerful emotions evoked within the pages. You will enjoy stepping back in time through the eyes of Wynfield…

Series: Wynfield's Kingdom (1), Wynfield's War (2)

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