Book Review: The Wedding Gift by: Kathleen McKenna


Bell Bridge Books 

Publish Date:
October 3, 2011

From Author for Review

Trade Paperback

It is a spine-electrifying supernatural tale where a huge Southern States mansion contains one of the most terrifying, violent and indeed psychopathic ghosts to haunt any town. It is also a murder mystery - why did Robina Willets apparently kill all five of her young children, and her husband, before stabbing herself to death? And, if you are in the camp of believing that 'justice .... just is not', then this will have you frothing at the mouth with righteous social fury. Add to that the vision of two exceptionally beautiful girls lying on a landing stage in the middle of a secluded lake, sleeping naked in the sun .... .... and then see if you can find any consecutive ten minutes in this book when you don't at least snicker at the heroine Leeann's sly, caustic, sometimes-knowing sometimes 'too stupid to live' commentary.

Review: Leeann Worthier has been winning pageants since she was a little girl (think Toddlers and Tiaras) and has been turning men's heads since she was 12. Spoiled by her parents (as much as they could), Leeann is a bit selfish and self-centered. She begins an affair with the much older George Willets the Fourth, the heir to the multi-million dollar Willets Petroleum fortune, more for what he could buy her than for any emotional or physical connection she feels for him. Leeann, who at times is dumber than a box of hair according to her best friend Jessie, gets pregnant by George. Being a man and doing the right thing, George marries Leeann.

Now George's mamma, Bethany, doesn't like her daughter-in-law one whit, calling her white-trash and a gold-digger. However, for a wedding present George's daddy, George the Third, gives the 'happy' couple the Willets House. The Willets House has stood empty since the horrific murders of Roger Willets, his children, and the death of his wife. Robina. Unfortunately for Leeann, it’s also where her older brother Charlie died when Leeann was a baby. Once they move into the house, frightening events start to happen to and around Leeann. Written in journal format from Leeann’s perspective, The Wedding Gift chronicles Leeann’s life and relationship with George as well as the horrific events surrounding the Willets House.

Set in the south, The Wedding Gift is gothic horror story which still contains humorously candid observations of the events and people in a small town. I liked the characters for the most part, although there were times I wanted to smack Leeann. However, when you look at it through the lens of where and how she grew up, you can understand why she says and does certain things. I enjoyed the story and build-up to the dramatic conclusion and reveal. Psychologically creepy, The Wedding Gift is an ingenious story in its delivery and content.

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  1. I saw this book on I believe on Book Soulmates a few months back. I still really want to check it out.

  2. The premise of this one sounds quite different. I'm intrigued.


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