Book Review: Eyes Like Leaves by: Charles de Lint


Tachyon Publications

Publish Date:
February 1, 2012

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Trade Paperback

Taking a delightful departure from his more common urban-fantasy settings, this epic tale from acclaimed author Charles de Lint weaves elements of Celtic and Nordic mythology while bringing sword and sorcery to the forefront. Summer magic is waning in the Green Isles, and the evil Icelord is encasing the lands in a permanent frost while coastal towns are pillaged by snake ships. Mounting one last defense against the onslaught, a mysterious old wizard instructs his inexperienced apprentice in the art of shape-changing. Mercilessly pursued by the Icelord's army, this newfound mage gathers allies—a seemingly ordinary young woman and her protective adoptive family—and they flee north in a desperate race to awaken the Summerlord. Time is running short for the Summerborn, especially when a treacherous family betrayal is discovered.

Review: The beautiful summer magic is seeping away from the Green Isles. Everwinter is threatening to come to the islands because the Summerlord’s staff – the source of his power – has been broken. The Winter Lord is using this to his advantage by trying to destroy the Summerlord’s kith and kin on his path to ultimate power. Now it is up to the dhruids to gather together those with the last vestiges of the Summerlord’s power to fight off not only the invading Vikings, but the Winter Lord himself.

Eyes Like Leaves is an early, previously unpublished novel of Charles de Lint’s and while it is a little rougher than his other work in places, the beauty of the tale and talent of the author shine through. The characters and action leap to life in your mind as you are reading the story. Fraught with magic, evil, mages, and warriors, Eyes Like Leaves is a captivating book. A wonderful novel for all fans of Irish mythology and of Charles de Lint’s as well. 


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