Book Review: Amongst My Enemies by: William F. Brown


William F. Brown

Publish Date:
December 12, 2011

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Inside an old German U-Boat rusting on the bottom of the Baltic are millions in gold bars, stolen art, and a secret that could tear NATO apart. The only one who knows the truth is Mike Randall, a battle-scarred American who survived four months in the frozen Hell of northern Germany at the end of the war. When he does speak up, he puts a target on his own forehead, one which the Russians, the West Germans, the U-boat’s former owners, the Israeli Mossad, and even his own government quickly take aim at. Some want the gold, some want him dead, and some want proof about a high-ranking spy inside NATO itself. Randall’s wants are much simpler. Caught between the Kremlin and a new, deadly, 4th Reich, he wants revenge and to satisfy some old debts with a steel-jacketed bullet. 

Review: Amongst My Enemies is a well-researched and detailed novel of World War II and its aftermath. Mike Randall was a US pilot who was shot down over Germany. He and his friend, Eddie, were taken as POWs and made work slave labor along with other prisoners. His chance to escape comes when he is loading boxes and boxes of items upon a retrofitted U-boat and stows away. The captain, a very decent man who has been outraged and repulsed by the workings of his country sets him free near the coast of Sweden - right before the U-boat was sunk by British bombers. Years later, he's in the US with Eddie's family when he sees a newspaper article about the U-boat captain being in New York. Mike knows this must be impossible, so he travels to New York to see for himself. He discovers the captain is an imposter which leads him on a quest back to Sweden to find the proof. With megalomaniac Germans and psychotic Russians, plus a host of others, after him and the sunken U-boat, Mike has a lot to lose. Can he find the truth and defeat his enemies in time?

Amongst My Enemies is an action-packed novel with both likable and detestable characters. I've always been fascinated by this time period and to read a story which has been so thoroughly researched it seems more like fact than fiction is very refreshing. Everything was laid out well and the plot was easy to follow. While some events seemed a little predictable at times, I was still surprised by quite a lot. I was quickly drawn in by the detailed descriptions and the characters. A very enjoyable novel and one I'd have no trouble re-reading many times.

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