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Synopsis: John Tyler, a young man in his early twenties, discovers he has contracted a ghastly affliction affecting a most sensitive part of his body. When the village doctor offers the conventional, and potentially disfiguring, treatment as the only cure, John tenaciously convinces the doctor to reveal an alternative remedy—a forbidden ritual contained within an ancient manuscript called the Kure.

Although initially rejecting the vile and unholy rite, John realizes, too late, that the ritual is more than a faded promise scrawled on a page of crumbling paper. And as cure quickly becomes curse, the unholy text unleashes a dark power that drives him to consider the unthinkable—a depraved and wicked act requiring the corruption of an innocent soul.

Ultimately, John must choose between his desperate need to arrest the plague that is destroying his body, and the virtue of the woman he loves, knowing the wrong decision could cost him his life.

Thank you, Star, for hosting me on Bibliophilic Book Blog today. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about The Kure, and to let your readers know about my “Resolve To Read” promotion on Amazon through the month of January.

What happens when an otherwise normal, trustworthy and likeable young man finds himself in a situation that has him questioning his own values and principles? In The Kure, one of the main characters, John Tyler, awakens to find he is infected with a rare and life-threatening disease. Concerned that the village doctor’s brutal treatment will do more harm than good, John searches for another remedy. When he learns about an ancient book of healing, the Kure, he discovers its promise of salvation demands a wicked and detestable price—he must gain the cooperation of a young virgin on her 18th birthday. His quest leads him to Sarah Sheridan, and he calls on her to determine if she would be willing to administer the sinister ritual.

But finding himself face-to-face with Sarah, John is caught off-guard as he realizes this woman is more than an essential piece to a cryptic puzzle. Somehow, he must disguise his deceitful agenda that drove him to find her, and prevent Sarah from discovering the tainted reason that brought him to her doorstep.

In the excerpt below, the main characters, John Tyler and Sarah Sheridan, are meeting for the first time. While Sarah believes that John has called on her as a potential suitor, a repentant and nervous John has come with less-than-honorable intentions.

Excerpt: Her touch shot through every part of him, his senses feasting on the point of contact. He glanced down, seeing the sacred hollow between her breasts. Before she could notice, he moved his eyes higher, tracing the delicate curve of her neck and the gentle line of her cheekbone, until he became lost in the moist corners of her mouth.

Without hesitating, Sarah tucked a leg underneath her and slid back on the loveseat, leaving plenty of room. “So tell me about the message,” she said. “Did Pastor Fielding give you a note?” She patted the velvety soft fabric, inviting John to join her.

She was an undeniable enchantress, her remarkable beauty made even more intriguing by her genuine lack of pretense.

John glanced at the space beside her. He had only to sit. She would be close enough to deliver a lover’s whisper. He imagined their shoulders touching and how her leg might accidentally brush against his.

Sarah looked up, directly into John’s eyes. “Come, sit here,” she said, again patting the seat cushion.

John froze, choking on shame darker than the ink that first revealed Sarah’s name in the official book of records. He considered complete surrender, taking her hand in his and telling her everything. It would mean exposing her to the heinous ritual, and having to explain how the cure would require her to bring her perfect body so much closer to his. In that instant, John knew he could never tell Sarah the real reason for his visit.

I always spend the last few days of December reviewing my writing plan for the coming year—to determine what’s going to receive priority and how I will budget my time to make sure I get it done. During one of those planning sessions, I noticed my husband was also putting a few goals together for the new year. When I asked him to tell me about his “resolutions,” he said that one of them was to read more, especially books that fall outside his favorite genres, “just to see what else is out there.” We began to talk about how many more people are now reading books of all kinds, primarily due to increased availability and choice of low-cost eBooks for the kindle and nook. I’m constantly reading comments from readers who decided to try a particular author’s work because it was ninety-nine cents, or in some cases, free. Then my husband asked an interesting question: “Why don’t you offer some kind of promotion to encourage more people to read The Kure, with the idea that they’ll be more inclined to read the book if you temporarily lower the price?” I really had to think about this one, but after realizing it might motivate a few more folks who are not familiar with The Kure to take a look, I decided to do it. I’m calling it “Resolve To Read”, and it’s going on right now. Effective for the month of January, the kindle version of The Kure can be purchased for ninety-nine cents on Amazon. So if you were planning on buying a kindle version anyway, why not take advantage of the “Resolve To Read” promotion and save two bucks?

I’d like to conclude by sharing a few details about myself. I was born in the Midwest and grew up surrounded by traditional values and conservative attitudes (which I quickly discarded). I’ll readily admit that my life’s destination has been the result of an open mind and a curiosity about all things irreverent, and I invite visitors to my website with a friendly caveat: “Be forewarned, my life has not followed the traditional path of homemaker, wife, and mother.” When I’m not consumed by my writing, I enjoy cooking, traveling to all places tropical and “beachy” and taking pictures—lots of pictures—many of which wind up on my website. I live on the central gulf coast of Florida, sharing my home with one husband, six computers, four cameras, and several hundred pairs of shoes.

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  1. I would love to read this book. Pleas enter me in contest.

  2. Sounds like a really interesting read. I'll have to add it to my TBR list. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. I've had my eye on this book and would LOVE to win a copy!! Thanks so much for the giveaway:)

    I like Jaye's FB page
    Added book to my Goodreads page

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