Book Review: The White Fox by: James Bartholomeusz

Rating: 3.5/5

Publisher: Medallion Press

Publish Date: December 1, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: Teenager Jack Lawson lives an average and ordinary life in a typical southern English town, until the day a white fox introduces himself as Jack’s guardian spirit and gives to him a mysterious talisman. Jack’s life continues to spin out of control when his friend Alex, after warning that the town is in grave danger from demons controlled by the Cult of Dionysus, is kidnapped by the cult. Enlisting the help of his friend Lucy, Jack embarks on a journey unlike one he could have ever imagined—one filled with sublime mysteries and fantastical adventures. A story written by a teenager for a teenage audience, this work encourages readers to reconsider their assumptions about the fantasy genre while deciphering the book’s parallels with real-world mythology and philosophy.

Review: Jack Lawson is an ordinary sixteen year old, living in an orphanage and with few friends. One day he sees a white fox and then Jack and his friends are attacked a few days later by mysterious figures wearing hoods to disguise their features. Later, Jack finds out the attackers are from the Cult of Dionysus when they are rescued by the Apollonians and taken to a different planet. The Apollonians need Jack to step up and become their savior and fight off the Darkness which threatens to consume them all. Jack must overcome his fears, learn the mythos that rules his new world, and face the enemy head on to vanquish it.

I found The White Fox to have some issues. Some of the phrasing and the plot seems a bit awkward and choppy at times. The character development is a bit haphazard and there seems to be some missing pieces from the puzzle. I hope the next two books are more polished because I think there is a lot of potential in this author. 

The Seven Stars series: The White Fox (1), The Black Rose (2)

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  1. ill have to check this one out! i know you said it is a bit choppy and haphazard but i love stories like this and that cover is so simple but pretty!


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