Book Review: The Viscount in Her Bedroom by: Gayle Callen

The Viscount in Her
Bedroom (Willow Pond, #3)The Viscount in Her Bedroom 
by Gayle Callen

My rating: 4/5 Ravens

Synopsis: She never knew the true meaning of desire until she was tempted by . . . The Viscount in Her Bedroom.

Review: This was my first book by Ms. Callen. One of my friends actually told
me about this romance book where the hero was blind. I was like "WHAT?
I have never heard of such a thing, I must read this" and so I did. I
was not disappointed but I don't think the book reached all the
potential it could have gotten to.

I think this is more of a "traditional romance romance" where the
book follows some sort of invisible romance novel rules I know nothing
about because with the title of this book I was expecting much more
salacious. I also think the "conflict" in this book was so easily
resolved it wasn't funny, I wish the drama could have been more

I loved the characters though, to include the Dowager Countess.
She is a sweet old women and she makes me smile through the whole
book. I also adored Simon, as I am sure everyone else did.

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  1. Not my favourite genre but I can see how much you've enjoyed the book.


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