Book Review: The Turn of the Karmic Wheel by: Monica Brinkman

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: All Things That Matter Press

Publish Date: August 5, 2010

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: "What goes around, comes around." Truer words were never spoken, as evidenced by the complex interactions and fates of the characters in "The Turn of The Karmic Wheel." When the residents of Raleigh begin to hear music and voices that aren't "there", and to receive frightening messages from no discernible source, it soon becomes apparent that changes must - and will - be made: to their everyday lives, to their relationships, to their bodies, and, most importantly, to their souls.

Review: Karma: (1) In Hinduism and Buddhism - action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation: in Hinduism one of the means of reaching Brahman.(2) In Theosophy - the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished in one incarnation according to that person's deeds in the previous incarnation. (3) Fate, destiny. (4) The good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something. [From]

“Gossip and reputation make sure that what comes around-a person who is cruel will find that the others are cruel back to him, and a person who is kind will find others are kind in return. Gossip paired with reciprocity allow karma to work here on earth, not in the next life.” – Jonathan Haidt

The Turn of the Karmic Wheel is truly a story to take to heart. It cautions us against being self-centered, hateful, and prone to venial sins. We all have choices in this life and it’s up to us to make the best of what we’re given. If we follow the Golden rule, we can reap the rewards of kindness, love, and reciprocity in this life. Each character’s story seems at first to be a separate entity, yet as we move along in the book, we are shown that everyone in the world is connected to one another. Yet, we can all lose sight of that message and let darkness seep into our souls. The characters are well-developed and each has flaws – no one is entirely good or entirely evil. A beautiful blend of mysticism and spirituality, Ms. Brinkman has written an unforgettable and moving tale which will make you re-evaluate your own actions. 

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