Book Review: Lucky Loser by: Yolanda Wallace


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Publish Date:
November 15, 2011

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Trade Paperback

In the high stakes world of women’s tennis, love means nothing. Or at least that’s how Sinjin Smythe sees it. Then she begins to fall for her friend and former doubles partner Laure Fortescue. Having had her heart broken by one player, Sinjin isn’t willing to have it happen again. The talented but oft-injured Brit enters Wimbledon fighting her feelings—and struggling to resurrect her career.

Laure Fortescue has fame, fortune, and a ranking inside the top ten. She has everything she ever wanted. Everything except Sinjin Smythe. As a rule, Laure doesn’t date other players. A rule she would gladly break if it means winning Sinjin’s heart.

Both women reach Wimbledon desperate to claim tennis’s crown jewel—Sinjin because it would be her greatest victory, Laure because it could be her last.

Where does love fit in a game that only one can win?

Review: Lucky Loser is the second book I've read by Ms. Wallace, the first being Rum Spring. I can tell by the attention to the minutia of tennis that Ms. Wallace definitely does her research! I learned a lot about the game, as I do not follow it at all. Even more powerful than the description of the games and all of the effort and intensity they have are the characters. Sinjin's been burned badly, not only by injuries which have kept her off the court, but by former lovers (who were also players). This has left her hesitant to ever date another player again or even to open her heart to love another time. She can deal with one-night stands and friends with benefits, until she starts looking at Laura as more than a doubles partner and friend. Can she resurrect her career and find love with Laura at the same time? Lucky Loser is a well-written and heartbreaking novel of tennis, romance, rebuilding, and tender happiness. I enjoyed the story and the characters felt so real - as if they could be friends I know. I am looking forward to reading more of Ms. Wallace's novels!

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