Book Review: Inseparable by: Dora Heldt, Jamie Lee Searle (translator)



Publish Date:
December 6, 2011

From Publisher for Review

Trade Paperback

Still reeling from her recent divorce, Christine, the beloved protagonist of Dora Heldt’s uproarious Life After Forty, is sure that yet another birthday is the last thing she needs. But here it comes nonetheless, the big 4-4, in all its lonely mid-life glory. Making matters worse is Christine’s fear that, throughout her life, she has relied too heavily on the support of her girlfriends. As the big day nears, she begins to think that none of those women can understand just what she is going through. Alarmed by Christine’s growing despair, her best friend and sister hatch a plan to prove her wrong: they will gather together all of Christine’s old friends from the various stages of her life and throw a surprise party the likes of which she has never seen. Of course finding all of those women turns out to be easier said than done! Nonetheless, the final result proves to be a priceless gift, a moving and laugh-out-loud funny portrait of one woman’s life as told through the stories of her friendships. 

Review: Christine is back after her adventures in Life After Forty in Inseparable. She’s getting along well – her job is going like gangbusters and she’s enjoying her quiet life in Hamburg. This time, Christine is questioning the stability of friendships through the test of time. Her close friends and family hatch a plan to surprise Christine for her 44th birthday and include friends from the past.

I didn’t feel any great connection with any of the characters and I don’t know if it was a cultural thing or an age difference thing. Inseparable seemed very repetitious and while I thought the premise was interesting; I just couldn’t make it work for me. Give it a try and see if you find a connection for yourself…

Series: Life after Forty (1), Inseparable (2) 

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  1. I think the autor tried repit the same story with other characters and she thinks nobody would see that.
    Too bad!

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