Book Review: Horsekeeping by: Roxanne Bok

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Easton Studio Press, LLC

Publish Date: November 1, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Hardcover

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Synopsis: Why would successful urbanites, used to clean, controlled and orderly lives, take on the task of restoring a near collapsing empty barn littered with haphazard and decayed fencing, pastures deep in standing water, and try to turn it into a thriving horse farm?

Initially motivated only by a city dweller’s fantasy and obscure memories of childhood visits to the country, Roxanne Bok oversees the reconstruction of a thirty-seven stall barn and painstakingly discovers something about both large animals and running a small business.

Follow an equine novice as she leads her equally naïve family in an eighteen-month long adventure of breathing life back into a once great horse farm in rural New England. A thoughtfully detailed memoir, Roxanne Bok learns it all the hard way, from the agony of repeatedly being tossed off a beloved horse, to the thrill of winning a blue ribbon.

For those who love horses, the dream of country life or simply the sight of an otherwise urban family on great rural adventure, here is a tale that plumbs the full range of human emotions but ends with a deepened love of the land and the extraordinary equine creatures that inhabit it.

Proceeds from book sales will be donated to support horse rescue charities.

Review: Horsekeeping is the story of Ms. Bok and her family taking a horse farm which has fallen into disrepair and making a successful stable. A long-unfulfilled aspiration comes to fruition for Ms. Bok, an opportunity many horse lovers and owners would give their eyeteeth to accomplish. Horsekeeping is very detailed in the advice regarding care of horses in all aspects, full of common sense and sound logic. I didn’t know much about this topic prior to reading Ms. Bok’s engaging story and I am glad to have had a glimpse into this world. Throughout the book, you are treated to the life lessons learned along the journey by sage words full of life and humor. Horsekeeping is a wonderful and inspiring memoir of a family’s new venture which brings joy and wisdom to all who read it. Especially important is that all proceeds from the sale of Horsekeeping: One Woman's Tale of Barn and Country Life are going to support horse rescue charities.


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