Book Review: Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones by: Tess Armytage

Rating: 2/5

Publisher: Clever Pumpkin Pty., Ltd.

Publish Date: July 17, 2011

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Bess Saint Clair is about to lose everything and the only man who can save her is Nicholas Blake. It's just a pity she can't stand him.

Nicholas is a record industry hotshot with a reputation for being a Big, Bad Wolf. That’s okay by publicist Bess – she’s the sort of Little Red Riding Hood who eats wolves for breakfast. From the moment Nicholas and Bess clap eyes on each other they share a common bond: they want to tear each other’s throats out.

When Nicholas discovers that the man he has hired for the job is a woman, he’d like nothing better than to boot her out of his office. When Bess discovers he is one of those creatures of prehistoric legend – a male chauvinist – she’d like nothing better than to flip him the bird and turn on her heel.

But he needs her talent and she needs his money.

Each is hell bent on teaching the other a lesson. Both are about to learn a lesson they’ll never forget. The battle over who will wear the pants will be fiercest when neither is wearing any.

Funny, tender and deeply sensual, Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones is set in a picturesque valley vineyard and features a heroic, shameless sausage extortionist of a dog who is almost as human, and every bit as unforgettable, as Nicholas and Bess.

Review: Elizabeth Saint Clair goes to interview with Nicholas Blake, but is nearly kicked out when he discovers she is a woman as she used a male name on her resume to get her foot in the door. Once there, she is able to impress him enough to get the job – on a trial basis in Nicholas’ eyes. As things progress, feelings start to develop and a dog, Bones, is thrown into the mix. However, Elizabeth’s long term plans and Nicholas’ don’t seem to mesh too well. Can they work it out together?

I did not like Nicholas from the start. While he may be in a male dominated industry, he does not allow women to work with the ‘talent’ because of their messy feelings. He refuses to call Elizabeth by her given name, instead giving her the diminutive nickname “Bess” even after she told him multiple times not to call her that. Nicholas comes across as a ‘playboy’ – only out for the short term gratification, while Elizabeth is looking for a long-term commitment. I wasn’t a big fan of Elizabeth’s either. She came off in the beginning as an independent woman, but she fell apart and into the “right man’s” arms. As if all she needed was a strong man to rein her in. Jealousy, miscommunications, and simmering emotions keep Elizabeth and Nicholas apart…but for how long? The one redeeming character for me was Bones. I really didn’t connect to Elizabeth or Nicholas. Perhaps you’ll read Bess, Nicholas & A Dog Called Bones and come to a different conclusion.


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