Series Review: Songs of Sappho #1-3 by: Marie-Elise Bassett


Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Musa Publishing

Publish Date: Lily in Bloom (October 6, 2011), My Lady's Service (October 20, 2011), A Sweet Revenge (November 10, 2011)

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-books

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Lily in Bloom (Songs of Sappho #1): A lovely widow discovers that she isn’t frigid; she just lacked the right partner in bed--her brother’s governess.

Lovely widow Lily Winslow isn't happy with her life. She longs for travel and adventure, but lacks the courage to leave her brother's home.  Her brother wants her to marry a local squire, but Lily never liked being married. She especially disliked sharing her husband's bed and believes herself frigid.  When Lily discovers a mutual attraction to her brother's governess, Emmaline, she undertakes a sensual journey which will bring all her dreams within reach.

My Lady's Service (Songs of Sappho #2): Lady Kate discovers that a loveless marriage of convenience is tolerable as long she has her maid Hannah for companionship.

When Lady Kate's parents make a match for her, she is horrified to discover that her new bridegroom is very rich and very old. The only person who can calm her fears is her maid, Hannah. Hannah sets out to teach her young mistress how to pleasure herself , but receives more in return than she ever expected.

A Sweet Revenge (Songs of Sappho #3): Lady Hammersly finds comfort –and perhaps the love she has always longed for - when her errant spouse’s cousin Jane comes to visit.

Helen, Lady Hammersly is ready for a change. Helen knows she wants more from life than simply doing good works and trying to redeem the family honor after her husband’s public infidelity with his mistress. What she really wants is Jane, her husband’s cousin. She wants Jane in her bed and in her life forever. But does she have the courage to claim the life she wants?

Review: The Songs of Sappho series is extremely hot! For mature adults only, so please be over the age of majority in your state if you choose to purchase and read these vignettes. Beautifully written stories detailing the first experiences of love between women - physical and emotional. For any adult who enjoys this type of story, you will not be disappointed!

Songs of Sappho Series: Lily in Bloom (1), My Lady's Service (2), A Sweet Revenge (3), The Food of Love (4), Bound by Fortune (5)


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