Interview: Please Welcome Christopher from Gini Koch's Alien Series

Everyone! Please welcome Christopher to the blog today. He was kind enough to do an interview in honor of the release of Alien Proliferation. The newest book in the Alien Series by: Gini Koch.

(BBB): So tell us, are you truly and completely over Kitty in a romantic way??

(C): Yes, absolutely. Especially if Jeff’s around. I’m kidding, with the Jeff comment. Kitty and I probably wouldn’t have worked out in the long run, and she and Jeff are great together, so I’m good with how things worked out. This way, I get to play the field, and the field’s gotten a lot better since the books came out.

(BBB): How do you feel about the baby boom?

(C): I think it’s great, but I’m not in any rush personally to have children. Though I’m looking forward to Jeff and Kitty’s baby. Being an uncle’s a lot of fun and a lot less stress than being the actual parent.

(BBB): Find yourself looking to settle down with a nice book blogger anytime soon?…I do carry a gun from time to time…sidetracked…

(C): I have to admit that I really appreciate that there seem to be a lot of lovely gals such as yourself offering to keep me from being lonely. I’m free this evening…how does dinner and dancing sound?

(BBB): What is your favorite book? Err…do you have time to read? If you do…do you do it at super-speed?

(C): Yes, we read as fast as we can speak, which is faster than humans. Kitty says we read at “Data Speed”, which means nothing to me, but she insists that any Star Trek: The Next Generation fans would know exactly what that meant. As for favorite books, I’m partial to the ones with me in them. I usually end up reading briefing materials, because we have a lot of them and in my position, I need to know what’s going on at all times.

(BBB): How fast exactly can you shower?

(C): Jeff warned me to be careful answering this one. I can shower as fast as I need to or as slowly as the situation demands.

(BBB): Have you seen a picture of Charles, do you think he will ever leave Kitty alone?

(C): Uh, what do you mean, have I seen a picture of him? Reynolds has been working with us longer than Kitty has. I’ve seen him regularly for years.
Oh, wait. You mean have I READ a picture of him. No, I haven’t. He’s extremely cautious about having his picture taken, let alone read. However, as for the Kitty question, between you and me, I do think he’ll get over her. I did. But as for leaving her alone? He’s one of her best friends, and he’s the head of the C.I.A. division we work with the most closely. He’s not leaving any time soon, no matter how Jeff feels about it.

(BBB): Did you get to do any gambling while you were in Vegas?

(C): I’m not really interested in gambling. As I’ve said many times to Kitty, we gamble our lives every day. Gambling for money seems anticlimactic.

(BBB): What is your weapon of choice?

(C): Depends on the situation. I’m not much for guns -- we have access to plenty of them, and we use them regularly, but I’m not a fan. Rocket launchers have their place, of course. Knives are messy and more of an assassin’s weapon. I sort of enjoy being my own weapon, if you know what I mean.

(BBB): If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

(C): A sharp machete, a good two hundred or more feet of rope, and fresh water. I’d chop down some trees, make a raft, and paddle to safety. It’s hard to strand an A-C because our speed and strength allows us to do things humans can’t.

(BBB): Of all the songs Kitty blasts in battle which do you least prefer??

(C): Least? That’s a hard one, actually. I got sick of that Tears for Fears song, but honestly it helped save our lives so I have a hard time hating it. She has some really girly, emo music I’m not that wild about, but I’m afraid to name any band or song specifically, because I know she’ll read this and then play whatever I say I hate on continuous repeat, as loudly as possible, until I say I like it or my ears bleed -- or both.

Please stay tuned the review for the book will be up tomorrow! In the mean time if you haven't read this series, get started!!

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  1. Great interview with Christopher :) loved the shower question.

  2. What an absolutely rocking interview! Thank you Monica, Christopher and Gini, loved it to pieces! Christopher is dreamy! :-D And he finally got his time to shine a bit :-)

  3. I've seen this cover a few weeks back. The story sounds very interesting! Cover is sooo intense! Thank you for sharing it! Great interview!

    Books For All Seasons

  4. I LOVE the music answer :) Kitty SO would do that! I probably would, too, actually. LOL.

    How else will he start liking the song? Repetition does wonders :) Silly Christopher.

  5. Gotta love a man who prefers a machete:)


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