Book Review: The Vagabond King by: James Conway

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publish Date: September 10, 2011

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon 

Synopsis: When his mother dies and he discovers the man he believed was his father is not, sixteen year old Chris is haunted by a mysterious apparition that forces him to question his pampered existence and embark upon a quest to find himself. Hoping she will “make a man of him”, he seeks sanctuary in the home of Magda, a middle aged waitress with a penchant for sex, only to discover she lives with her father, a cigarette smoking, beer swilling immigrant.

Chris hates his shabby new surroundings at the end of the street and the shabby old man at the end of his life who spends his days listening to old blues records and making Chris fetch him fresh cans of beer. But, when the old man tells tales of Communism, torture, escape and the mysterious medallion he wears, Chris learns that, like the old man’s skipping records, history repeats itself and the roles we play have been played many times before.

Review: How can you look at your life the same when you find out the man you grew up thinking is your father really isn’t? Once Chris’ mother dies, he takes off to ‘find himself’ – to look deep inside himself and discover who he really is and what he’s meant for. Along the way he meets Magda and her father, who both end up teaching him some important life lessons. All along, Chris still fights within himself to decide if he should follow the future his adoptive father sees for him or to strike out on his own for good and travel the world as he finds out more about himself.

Thought-provoking and absorbing, The Vagabond King will strike a chord within your heart and mind. Blending mythology, religion, and music with the harsh light of reality brings us something unique and creative. Mr. Conway has written a soulful and soul-searching novel of a young man’s coming of age.

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