Book Review: Unnatural Law by: Natasha Larry

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Penumbra Publishing

Publish Date: October 26, 2011

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Jaycie Lerner’s psychokinetic power surge is over, and her astounding powers are under control for the time being – sort of. As she struggles to maintain her humanity in the face of the awesome terror and responsibility of her abilities, she also yearns for the chance at a normal life – and a relationship with Matt Carter, the best friend she had to leave behind. But Matt’s got a few tricks up his sleeve, and he’s not about to give up on his feelings for Jaycie.

As Jaycie and her family grapple with the day-to-day routine of trying to keep their world together, Jaycie’s mother figure, Allison Young, endures a personal crisis of her own. The superhuman blonde possesses the physical equivalent of Jaycie’s awesome psychic power. So evolved, at ninety-two she still looks twenty. But what good is extended life when everyone else around her is so fragile? With no one to share her unusual life, she’s a uniquely lonely woman yearning for the romantic love she sees all around her. But in a dream she gets her wish – and it quickly turns to a nightmare for everyone else in her life. The memory of a rose is all she can hold onto in the storm of obsession that nearly sweeps her away.

Things quickly turn deadly for the vampires, but the Dey-Vah Guard fairies refuse to acknowledge there’s an imbalance in the nature they protect. As the danger gets ever closer to Jaycie and her family, the race is on to find answers before a secret plot can destroy them all.

Review: Unnatural Law picks up where Darwin's Children left off - after Jaycie's power surge and now she struggles to control her unlimited power. Jaycie is depressed and moody, which makes her control even more tenuous. But Jaycie's not the only one going through a tough time right now. Allison, Jaycie's mother figure, is lonely. She wishes for someone she can be with and not put in danger because of her physical strength. Allison is now suffering from strange dreams and her abilities are 'off', misfiring and not where they should be. She's not the only one, either - the Dey-Vah Guard is weakening and the vampires are being killed off. Can everyone pull together in order to figure out what is affecting their powers and stop it before it is too late?

Unnatural Law is a great sequel to Darwin's Children. The characters are growing and their depths are being discovered. Ms. Larry has a way of creating emotion which leaps off the page - making the characters 3-dimensional effortlessly. Awash in unexpected twists and turns, Unnatural Law is an amazing book and I have no doubt Ms. Larry will go far! I felt the story was fast-paced, but didn't lose any of the detail needed to make a creative and original story which captures your attention from beginning to end. 

Darwin's Children Series: Darwin's Children (1), Unnatural Law (2)

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