Book Review: Happy Birthday to You by: Brian Rowe

Rating: 4.5/5

Publisher: CreateSpace

Publish Date: December 2, 2011

Origins: From Author for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Newlyweds Cameron and Liesel Martin aren't able to celebrate their wedding bliss for long. Not only is Liesel unexpectedly pregnant... they're also facing the end of humanity!

Liesel's evil witch sister Hannah has cast a spell to make all humans on Earth age a whole year with every day. It's up to Cameron and Liesel to stop her... and save the world! Who will survive? And who will perish?

Here it is at last... the third and final epic chapter of the Birthday trilogy... Happy Birthday to You!

Review: Happy Birthday to You is the exciting conclusion to the Happy Birthday trilogy. Liesel and Cameron are recently married and are away from home with Cam's family. However, they need to figure out how they are going to stop Liesel's sister, Hannah, from killing off the entire human race. Hannah has cast a spell to make everyone on earth (aside from the few Hannah has selected) age 1 year for every day that passes. Once Hannah steps up the timetable and Cameron makes some new discoveries about himself, the game is afoot. Will they save the world? Even if they do, how many will die before they can stop Hannah's desperate plan?

I think Happy Birthday to You is a solid ending to this trilogy. It explains some of the lingering questions left from the first two books and the ending will bring you to tears. Cam is really growing up (and not just chronologically) over the course of the books and we find the most maturity from him in this final novel. Liesel to me has always seemed a bit "off" to me, but everything pulls together at the end. A quick read (I read this at lunchtime) with action and drama, Happy Birthday to You is a great addition to Mr. Rowe's resume and a great finale to this trilogy.

Happy Birthday Series: Happy Birthday to Me (1), Happy Birthday to Me Again (2), Happy Birthday to You (3)

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