Book Review: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by D. Bruce Foster

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: MacDougall Press

Publish Date: July 8, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: For some of us, tomorrow never comes. In this compelling and poignant debut novel, D. Bruce Foster takes you on an insider’s journey through the intense and chaotic world of modern emergency medicine, where crushing work loads, mindless bureaucrats, rampant drug abuse, and the life and death struggles of real people will leave you breathless.

At thirty nine years of age, Dr. Alex Randolph’s life is pretty well put together. He leaves a promising career at a prestigious university for the challenge of leading a new emergency department for Americus Health Systems in the wealthy Maryland steeplechase country north of Baltimore.

Three years later, his idyllic world at Mason-Dixon Regional Medical Center is improbably rocked by a brutal drug war, powerful corporate intrigue, and a beautiful widow who makes his head spin. Murder, intrigue, blackmail, and the selfless love of one woman, collide in a heart-pounding climax that threatens everything in life that Alex holds dear—even his own life.

Review: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is a gripping read with great characters and conflicts. It is set in Baltimore County in Maryland, which is where I live - so it makes it interesting to see all the local landmarks and roads as the backdrop to this story. Dr. Foster, having an insider's view of the medical world, brings it to stark and gritty life for those who know little to nothing about it. Fast-paced and intense, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is a great story with real characters and shocking events which explode off the page.

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