Kickstarter Campaign: NO DOMINION: A Walker Papers Novella by CE Murphy

Kickstarter Campaign!

About C.E. Murphy's No Dominion Kickstarter Campaign (in her own words):

 See, in the middle of writing RAVEN CALLS–which, like all the Walker Papers, is a first-person point of view story told by Joanne Walker–something happened. For the first time ever I had the urge to lark off, change viewpoint characters, and tell somebody else’s story.

Gary’s story, in fact. Not necessarily all of it, because he’s 74 years old and it might take an entire series of its own to tell Gary’s whole story, but he has his own adventure in the middle of RAVEN CALLS. There’s not going to be a chance in-series for me to tell anybody what happens. There’s not time in RC, book 8 picks up *immediately* after RC with a very different storyline, and book 9 is going to be a madhouse with absolutely no time to spare. But I want to tell the story so I'm running this Kickstarter campaign so we can all find out what happens.

Because NO DOMINION takes place in the middle of RAVEN CALLS, it’s not going to be delivered to its patrons until 6 weeks after RC is out, which is March 1, 2012. So this novella will be out April 15th, as a salve for Tax Day. I know that’s several months out, and I apologize, but there’s no way I’m delivering it before then because I want people to have a chance to read the full-length book first!

There are, however, some rollover points for fundraising which may ease the pain a bit:

Rollover points:

First, if the campaign is a success, I will write a Gary short story to be delivered as soon as the campaign finishes. That should help tide you over (or possibly drive you mad) between the campaign's end and the novella's delivery.

If the campaign breaks $6000, I will write a second Gary short story for all patrons subscribing at $10 or more.

If the campaign breaks $8000, I will do a unique calendar for all patrons subscribing at $30 or more. A digital/desktop version will be provided for all patrons.

If the campaign breaks $12,000, I will do a signed limited trade paperback edition of NO DOMINION, inclusive of the short stories, to be made available to all patrons, and included automatically for all patrons donating at $100 or more.

High-end rollover points:

If the campaign breaks $15,000, I will write a second novella for all patrons subscribing at $25 or more, delivery date at my discretion, or:

If the campaign reaches between $20-25,000, I will write a third novella for all patrons subscribing at $25 or more, or:

If the campaign breaks $30,000, I'll write the patrons subscribing at $25 or more a whole damned novel of their own, subject & delivery date at my discretion.

Just to make that last bit very clear: there will either be a total of 3 novellas, or one novella and one novel. I'm not writing three novellas and a novel. That way lies madness. :)

Please check out this Kickstarter Campaign!


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