Book Review: Symbiota Sapiens by: P.T. Dean

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Publish Date: September 12, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

Order From:  Amazon

Synopsis: This is the story of Jeremey, a young man who is chosen by an ancient society to join their ranks to guide humanity to its destiny. Ancient technology and enhancements in his body can make him powerful, and immortal...but his new duties will require him to leave his friend Julian to fend for himself.

What happens when Jeremey and Julian run away from the future that has been planned for them? And what happens when other, less idealistic immortals take notice of Jeremey and begin making plans of their own?

This fanciful tale explores the nature of love, loyalty, and human nature as the two are caught between two factions in a silent struggle for the future of humankind. As they run, each time they fight for each other's lives, they discover a deeper truth about their love for each other.

WARNING: This book contains sexual situations between consenting adult males.

Review: Symbiota Sapiens is a very unusual, but entertaining sci-fi/fantasy novel. Imagine you discover you've been made immortal, but you have to leave everyone you love behind. This happened to Jeremey and he's unwilling and unable to leave his almost-step-brother, Julian for any reason. Since their respective parents died while going on a date, Jeremey has watched over and raised Julian.

Now Jeremey is changing and he's got to do everything to keep Julian safe. They are both caught up in the struggles between two factions of immortals on top of everything else and they need to determine who to trust. Their own relationship is changing and their path is tenuous.

I highly enjoyed Symbiota Sapiens - a unique and sensuous tale of loss, growth, and what we go through to save the ones we love.

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