Book Review: Forbidden Passions by: MJ Williamz

Rating: 5/5

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

Publish Date: September 13, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: Mixing business with pleasure can be dangerous at best. In antebellum Louisiana, Baton Rouge businesswoman Corrine Staples returns to New Orleans to help her lifelong friend, Della Prentiss, with her plantation records. She's there to work but becomes increasingly intrigued by Della's delightfully alluring daughter, Katie, a fiery Southern belle who pushes the limits of propriety.

Katie Prentiss is a headstrong temptress with an active libido. She is immediately attracted to Corrine and sets her sights on seducing her. Corrine tries to keep her feelings in check, but soon finds herself giving in to forbidden passions.

Review: Forbidden Passions is hot, hot, hot. A novel of erotica set in the past where men were supposed to be men and women were supposed to be ladies…or were they?

Corinne Staples (or Cori to her closest friends) is an accountant who took over her father’s business when he passed away. She had to make her way in a man’s world – dressing and acting as a man would to get the respect from her customers. For all her bravado, underneath she is all woman, but one who loves other women.

When Corinne’s best friend Della calls her for help with uncovering a large problem with her financial records, Corinne is there in a heartbeat. However, she never expected how beautiful and charming a woman Della’s daughter, Katie, turned out to be.

Katie is fiery and feisty and stokes the hidden passions within Corrine. But will Corinne be able to resist Katie’s charms and keep her friendship with Della intact? Or will she give in to the forbidden passions lurking in her heart (and elsewhere)?

A well-written story with a good mix of history and erotica, Forbidden Passions will surely ignite the passion within yourself!


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