Read-Your-Own Books Read-a-Thon


I am going to read a ton of ebooks:

I want to get through the whole Darkfever series and finish the Psy-changeling series. Those are my read-a-thon goals.

For snackage:
-cheddar and sour cream chips
-veggies and hummus

Where I am vegging out:
My include four pillows and two Harry Potter blankets. NICE AND COMPFY.

NOW what is your goal, snacks, and reading area? post a post and link it in the comments to sign up. If you don't have a blog use twitter and include your starting twitter link in the comments. DONT FORGET THE HASHTAG #SIRYOBM

I will also be stopping by your blogs to cheer you on and posting more giveaways to include a NOOK! You must be participating (must leave a starting comment with link twitter or blog) to show me you are in. You must participate in order to win one of the giveaways.

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  1. I'm not snacking tonight but I am drinking a Full Throttle! My starting post is up!

  2. Work is keeping me til 8 tonight but I'll be reading at home and at Starbucks. Today I'm going to finish The Pack by Jason Starr and start Teeth a vampire anthology. I'm hoping to read all my spooky reads this month for a event I'm co-hosting next month

  3. I hope my starting post can be my previously published today goal-list post, with proper edits? If not, I'll do a separate.

    No snacks (it's 4 am, well close to 5 now,) but a bunch of green lemon juice, and a hunger for my vamp-read-list :D cozy up in my bed, reading away to my heart's desire xD love you for doing this right now :D

    My post

    *rushes off to read*

  4. Bed will be my place of reading shortly. Have fun reading tonight.

    My post is here:

  5. My post:

    Also vegging out on my bed tonight. :)

  6. Here is my starting line! I'm excited!

  7. Late start, but here goes! My post:

    Thanks for hosting!

  8. my starting post...I'm gonna be slow out of the gate lol

  9. Livia, that is fine but can you link that one in a comment for me so I can stop by?

  10. My starting post is here:

  11. I'm totally in. I think I am going to try to knock some of my older romances off of my TBR but I might get distracted. I am reading in my orange comfy chair and snacking on tea and granola. Sounds healthy but the granola is my own personal mix with marshmallows, chocolate covered espresso beans, gummy bears and semi sweet chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate and butterscotch chips.

    You can see my progress here.

  12. Starting post:

  13. Please count me in!I will be posting my updates on my twitter account.
    Here's the link to my twitter profile-!/justjanhvi


  14. My starting line post!

  15. I'm in! Here is my starting line post.

  16. Count me in!

    Starting tweet -!/yenhex/status/114699552824631296

  17. I haven't decided what all I'll try to read yet, but I am nearly done with book one (Soulmate by L.J. Smith).

  18. I'm posting my progress through the readathon on this post:

    Happy reading everyone! :)

  19. I've got pumpkin fudge and spicy nacho Doritos on hand for a quick snack. My drink of choice will be fizzy water and diet coke for the caffeine hit.
    Good Luck and Happy Reading to everyone!

    Here's the post that I did:
    Read My Mind

  20. Checking in for the readathon!

    I haven't decided what my first book will be yet though. Decisions, decisions!

  21. I was participating in BBAW all week so am just now posting my RYOB thon post with my list of intendeds. I'll probably put up another post in the morning dedicated to tracking my progress and discussing the books and my experience and update it thruout the weekend. I'm starting a day late but I'm in for the duration now

  22. I guess I forgot to comment, my first update is at:

  23. Sorry, I left my link on the other post so here it is now:

    Hope you got a lot of reading done! :-)


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