Book Review: Bloodborn by: Karen Kincy

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Flux

Publish Date: September 8, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: Brock Koeman had always loathed werewolves and  Others like them. Then, while tracking a werewolf suspected of murder, he and his brother Chris were bitten - and infected with the very disease they despised. Chris is now fighting for his life in the hospital, but Brock faces another kind of battle: stifling the fierce urge to transform into a beast.

When werewolves kidnap him and the girl he loves, Brock discovers what it means to be Other - the thrill of unearthly powers, overshadowed by unrelenting danger. Brock begins to see the life that awaits him, but he must accept his new identity...before the wolf within kills him. 

Review: Brock is a bigoted jerk who now is becoming one of those he hates the most. Other. As Brock battles within himself there are battles in town as the sheriff is looking to put down all werewolves. As Brock starts to discover what it truly means to be a werewolf - to be an Other - he learns more about himself and the way he's been looking at the world. Can his pack and the girl he loves save him?

A very compelling continuation of the tale of a group of people who are hunted and persecuted to near extinction for their differences. This time it's about a boy who fits into neither world - human or Other...

The world of the Others is rich and deep with vibrant and gritty characters. Ms. Kincy's masterful storytelling has brought me to empathize and care for a character I never thought I would. Bloodborn is a wonderful addition to the Others series and to the varied and intricate tapestry of the YA world. 

Other series: Other (1), Bloodborn (2), Foxfire (3)


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