I am writing up this post because well, I like to share things I love and shoes are my next favorite thing behind books. I collect them all, I love to pet them and wear them. So you are like huh? Well, I wanted to tell you all about Shoedazzle and Just Fabulous. (I am not getting paid to promote nor was I asked to, I really just want to share.) So Shoedazzle and Just Fabulous are shoe of the month clubs. They give you a quiz that matches your personal style and then they recommend shoes based on your style. It is one monthly flat rate, you pick your shoes, they mail them to you. Each month you will get a new selection, it's like personal shopping for your feet.
Anyway, I got two pairs of shoes this month and I wanted you all to know the joy that I know...also Just Fabulous has a collaboration with Iron Fist...they make edgy shoes, and I LOVE THEM.
These are the ones I got these this month:

I should just add, if you go to thier site to sign up please use my link above so that I get a friendship request point. :) If you like shoes you need to check out the above sites.
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  1. Well, I've heard it all. Didn't know about a shoe club. I luv shoes too. Thanks for sharing. What a fun time...

  2. I love the shoes but as someone who spends most of her time barefoot....

    still, love the shoes!


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