Getting Back to the Simplicity

Dear Readers,

I regret to inform you I will not b coming back to the U.S. on my leave...I will be here in Korea until it is time for me to come home in January. This is due to many reasons, not just the fact that I couldn't get the money together. I have been having a rough time the last week or so, even more so than my normal "Korea sucks" attitude. I have been thinking so much about how I don't live for myself anymore, I live and do things to make others happy all the time. I do things I don't like, or hate, just because I know it will make one other person happy or it will help them. I know this is not a horrible way to live your life, pleasing others, but I have come more and more to realize that this is MY life and I need to do what makes ME happy, at least more often.

On that note I started thinking about exactly what does make me happy. SO I am going to provide you a list of what makes me happy and ways I am going to take my life back to where I want it.

1. Books (that was a given)
This being said, I love books in all forms, shapes, sizes, and genres. I have not been branching out though. I am going to start branching out my reading tastes. I have found recently that I adore Ayn Rand, I love her writing, even if I don't understand the undertones. I have also learned I love travel memoirs; I used to be strictly a fiction reader but I definitely am falling in love with travel memoirs. I am going to keep finding new and different things to read and fall in love with more books than I ever have before.

2. Cleanliness
I hate when stuff is messy, that being said, after work I am usually to lazy to clean up a mess that I make or wash my dishes but I am going to change that. I am going to completely clean and organize my current living space and keep it that way. I am also going to wash my linen more often I find that clean, soft, nice smelling linen makes me very happy. (not that I don't wash them regularly, just sayin)

3. Turning Off My Brain
There are many times that I used to sit around and just enjoy being in the moment of something. Of watching the people pass as I sip coffee, of listening (and singing along to) a favorite song, of eating delicious food with friends. I have let stress and the shadow of unahppiness I have been feeling cloud my off time. I am going to get back to it. I am going to take a little bit of time each and every day to turn off my brain and enjoy doing/eating/listening/watching/reading something.

4. Enjoy Living in a Foreign Country
As many of you know I have been living here in Korea. I have lived here before but never really got out. I am definitely not doing any better this time around. So it will be my new goal to do something cultural, or just get the heck out of my room and America saturated environment at least once or twice per month. I may never get to visit this side of the world again, I need to see more of it.

5. Trying New Things
I am an adventuress at heart. I am spontaneous and I love trying new things, I haven't been at all lately. So I am going to try new places, meet new people, try new types of food, read new books (eh eh), and seriously try something new. I am going to try something new once a week.

6. Yoga
I love yoga, adore it. I haven't done it in almost a year. I am going to start again.

7. Blogging
I am going to blog more, read more, and post more things about me and what I enjoy. I am going to take my blog back to me (and Star, of course) and post whatever the heck we want to.

8. Writing
I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head. I am going to make them come out. I am going to write something every single day. A letter, a blog post, some of a book, a quote, whatever, just something...every day.

I also want to connect to you all more. So...please....make a blog post, tell me what makes you happy, or what you want to change in your life and how you will make it happen for yourself. Post a link in my comments and I will pick a winner on 1 November for a 25$ book giftcard. Anyone can enter.

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  1. Hi my darling Monica,

    I'm so sorry you aren't able to come home for your leave. I really hope you get the chance to come back to your family and friends as soon as possible.

    I understand where you are coming from and I agree that you should do all the things you love. As readers, we luckily have books to fill our void when life gets rough. All the other loves on your list and pretty cool too. I also love an organized, clean room, turning off my brain (since it works non-stop, I think too damn much) and of course blogging.

    I respect you for sharing your thoughts with us. I know it's hard to be in a foreign country but try to enjoy the culture. I love the Korean culture, thanks to their pop music and dramas so, try to experience some aspect of it. I'll keep you in my thoughts and I wish you the best.

    If you ever need to talk, I'm just an e-mail away. <3

  2. I miss you hun and was really looking forward to you coming home, but I understand. Especially with everything going on, I understand.

    Please keep in touch. Catch me on chat tomorrow or something. I'll be around all day as per usual on Wednesday.

    <3 you!

  3. those all sound like most excellent things to do-- I hope they come together well for you!

  4. I'm so sorry about you not being able to come home, but am glad you've decided to start living your life for yourself. go you! seriously, there are too many people living their lives for others and you don't have to be one of them. go make yourself happy and you'll make everyone who deserves to be around you happy as well. :)

  5. I think it's exciting that you are going to start doing things just for yourself. You are the only person who lives your life, so you might as well make yourself happy! :-)

    Also, I like clean houses too, but loathe cleaning.

  6. Very inspiring! I'm glad you've had time to reflect and make a list of all the things that make you happy. Now that you've shared them with us, I'm sure you'll make them a reality.

    I love the images you used to, the fish and fish bowl, and the blogging images were wonderful. Good luck on your journey and thank you for sharing it with us.


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