Book Review: To Die For by: Sandra Byrd

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Howard Books

Publish Date: August 9, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Trade Paperback

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Synopsis: What would you sacrifice for your best friend? Would you die for her?

Meg Wyatt has been Anne Boleyn's closest friend ever since they grew up together on neighboring manors in Kent. So when twenty-five-year-old Anne's star begins to ascend, of course she takes Meg along for the ride.

Life in the court of Henry VIII is first. Meg is made mistress of Anne's wardrobe, and she enjoys the spoils of this privileged orbit and uses her influence for good. She is young and beautiful and in favor; everyone at court assumes the being close to her is being close to Anne.

But favor is fickle and envy is often laced with venom. As Anne falls, so does Meg, and it becomes nearly impossible for her to discern ally from enemy. Suddenly life's unwelcome surprises rub against the court's sheen to reveal the tarnished brass of false affections and to bona fide gold of those that are true. Both Anne and Meg may lose everything. When your best friend is married to fearsome Henry VIII, you may soon find yourself not only friendless but headless as well.

A rich alchemy of fact and fiction, To Die For chronicles the glittering court life, the sweeping romance, and the heartbreaking fall from grace of a forsaken queen and Meg, her closest companion, who was forgotten by the ages but who is destined to live in our hearts forever.

Review: Ms. Byrd has written a stunning blend of fact and fiction in her latest novel, To Die For, which brings us the life of Anne Boleyn through the eyes and voice of her friend, Meg Wyatt. Meg and Anne grew up neighbors and friends and when Anne grows in favor at court, she brings Meg along for the ride. As well as we all know Anne's tale and tragic end, To Die For brings her life and court life to vivid and fresh reality with Meg as the voice of the story. We also see the tumultuous events occurring in Meg's life as she rises and falls in favor along with Anne. Extensively well-researched, To Die For will stand out as a vital and unique novel in the glut of novels about Anne and the Tudors.

Tudor-set series: To Die For (A Novel of Anne Boleyn), The Secret Keeper (A Novel of Kateryn Parr)


  1. Thanks for your review, Monica and Star. I appreciate you having me on the blog. Thanks, to, Monica, for your service to the nation!

  2. I read an eGalley of this one; haven't put my review up yet, but I love this fresh take on Anne's life!


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