Mini Review Part 3

Alison's Wonderland

This is a cute idea. I love taking fairy tales back to their own dirty roots, because a ton of fairy tales started out quite dirty before they became edited for children's consumption. I liked this set of stories, it is a cute, fun, read. Reminds me of a set that Jean Johnson did like this a while back. 

Shadow of the Vampire

First off I adore this cover. That is about all I adored from this book sadly. I was excited at first about the dragons in this book and then I was like what? huh? who...and then it just fell off for me. I couldn't get into the story.

Past Midnight (Harlequin Teen)

Everyone loves a good ghost story and this book does not disappoint. I love that ghosts are starting to get pulled into the popular paranormal YA themes. Makes me feel so well rounded. There is a creep factor, which says something because I am an adult and there is double storyline which I found confusing a couple of times until I got the hang of it.  Pretty good read.

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