Book Review: Silver Girl by: Elin Hilderbrand

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Reagan Arthur Books

Publish Date: June 21, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: Hardcover

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Synopsis: Meredith Martin Delinn just lost everything - her friends, her homes, her social standing - because her husband, Freddy, cheated rich investors out of billions of dollars.

Desperate and facing homelessness, Meredith must turn to her old best friend, Constance Flute. Connie's had recent worries of her own, and the two depart for a summer on Nantucket in an attempt to heal. But the island can't offer complete escape and they're plagued by new and old troubles alike. When Connie's brother Toby - Meredith's high school boyfriend - arrives, Meredith must reconcile the difference between the life she is leading and the life she could have had.

Review: Meredith - who once thought she had it all - has now lost everything because of her husband's Ponzi scheme. The world is howling for her blood, her husband is in jail, she has no friends, and may lose her freedom. Thankfully, her ex-best friend, Connie, is willing to help her out and let her stay with her for the summer in Nantucket. Through her stay in Nantucket, Meredith learns more about her past - and her future - than she thought she could. Can Meredith make amends before it's too late for everyone?

I think that Silver Girl is is a great beach read! A story of love, lies, and the potential we have for redemption. I'd never read anything by Ms. Hilderbrand before, but I know I'll be reading more from her in the future!


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  1. I have this and thought it looks like it just begs to be read at the beach. I am looking forward to it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.


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