Book Review: All This and Family, Too by: Sarah E. Glenn

Rating: 4/5

Publisher: Pill Hill Press

Publish Date: May 1, 2011

Origins: From Publisher for Review

Format: E-book

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Synopsis: Cynthia Leach, professor of astronomy, just wants to lead a normal unlife. She believes that she can escape vampire hunters by moving away from North Carolina, but instead finds herself with a host of new problems.

Astronomy isn’t a nighttime science any more, and her department chair tries to force her to teach day classes. She rescues a runaway who soon learns too much to be discarded. Her family has moved to California with her, and the president of the neighborhood association is determined to run Grandma out of town. Worst of all, the vampire hunters are persistent ones – who have followed Cynthia to her new home.

Review: Cynthia Leach has quite a few problems in her life - she was turned into a vampire by her ex-lover, chased across the country with her family by vampire hunters out for revenge, a new rescue, and now she has to adjust to a new neighborhood and new job. She's got her work cut out for her!

Ms. Glenn has done an excellent job of piquing your interest in Cynthia and her 'unlife' from the beginning of the book. I love the interaction between and the growth of the characters as the story progresses. The humor, drama, action, and romance kept me engrossed in Cynthia's story until the very end. I loved to hate the neighborhood association lady and the backward vampire hunters!! Overall, a fun and relaxing read!

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  1. oh this sounds fun for sure. I curious about this ex-lover who turned her into a vampire. Oh and it is quite a refreshing take that she wants nothing to do with all of it. Lovely review. Really interested in this one.


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