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Shift (The Shifters, Book 5)

Faythe as always steals the show. This book starts a week or so after a very important death in the series and I am happy to finally get to jump pack into the world of the Pride. I wish Faythe would just pick a guy and stop toying with them both. I think it will be Marc although I want it to be Jace. Great book as always by Ms. Vincent.

Out of Sight (Court of Angels Novels)

This is the third book in the Court of Angels Series. I found this book a bit overwhelming and complicated having not read the previous books in the series but once you pick up the nuances and the characters you can easily fall into the book. This is a great PNR book...check it out if you are looking for a new series along the borders of fantasy romance.

Hard Magic (Luna Books)

This is another of the ever popular paranormal investigator type books. This book has a sort of sciency investigator type of feel, which is a new and different thing but the book itself didn't set itself apart from other in the way of the plot line or the characters, felt like the same of UF to me and I needed to stand out more.

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