Jess Haines Guest Post and Giveaway!

Shiarra Waynest Talks About Her Essentials
By Jess Haines

Hello there!  Jess Haines here.  I’m the author of the urban fantasy H&W Investigations series (HUNTED BY THE OTHERSTAKEN BY THE OTHERS, and the upcoming DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS).  I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of the cast—Shiarra Waynest, the lead character, Sara, her business partner, Chaz, her on-and-off werewolf boyfriend, Arnold, a mage who lends her a hand, and Alec Royce, a vampire Shiarra meets in the course of her adventures.

Shiarra is going to tell you a little bit about the stuff she can’t live without.  Over to you, Shia!


Shiarra:  I never leave home without my pepper spray. This is New York, after all.

Arnold: Harsh.

Chaz: You carry pepper spray?

Royce: Being her beau, one would think you’d know this already.  It’s attached to her car keys.

Shiarra: …how did you know that?

Royce: Don’t question me about these things, Ms. Waynest. You won’t like the answers.

Shiarra: Oh, ewww

Chaz: C’mere, you little—

Shiarra: Chaz! Knock it off.

Chaz:  …sorry.

Sara: I just carry a few things in my purse. Lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, clear polish—I hate when I get a run in my hose, it’s good for fixing that sort of thing—a power bar in case I get caught in traffic too long, my cell phone, a—

Chaz: We get the idea.

Arnold: I carry my lucky dice with me.

Royce: I beg your pardon?

Arnold: You know, dice. Little round things with numbers on them? Handy to have around in case of an emergency D&D game.

Shiarra:  Sara, you really let him leave the house with dice?

Sara: What? It’s not like he leaves them around my place when he stays over.

Royce:  This conversation is ridiculous.

Shiarra:  Oh, yay. Something new and different for us.

Sara: What does a vamp carry around with him? Now I want to know.

Royce:  My wallet and breath mints. Terribly exciting and noteworthy, isn’t it?

Shiarra: I get the wallet part. Why breath—oh.  Oh.  Ew.

Chaz: What? I carry breath mints.

Arnold: Yeah, but you’re not carrying them to fix a sudden case of blood-breath.

Sara: Yuck!  Honey, could you not…

Arnold: Sorry.

Royce: Funny, spark.  Let’s hear what the dog has to say.

Chaz: Watch it, fang-boy.

Shiarra: Chaz, don’t. Let’s just get this over with so we can get out of here.  And get away from blood-breath.  Ugh.

Royce:  You certainly weren’t complaining about it when I kis—

Shiarra: MOVING ON.

Chaz:  What is he—

Shiarra:  Do. Not. ASK.

Chaz:  …

Royce:  …


Sara:  *snickers*

Chaz: Uh. Anyway.  I always carry hair gel, a comb, and a change of clothes.

Arnold: What for?

Chaz: In case of sudden shifts.

Shiarra:  Why are you shapeshifting outside of the full moon?

Chaz:  Pack leader stuff.  Nothing for you to worry about.

Sara: How many pack emergencies can there be requiring a change of clothes?

Chaz: Hey, it happens. Once I had to drive home naked in midtown traffic during rush hour.  Getting caught without a change of clothes the one time was enough—now I play it safe.

Shiarra:  Yeah, I don’t even want to know.


You can learn more about Shiarra and the rest of her friends in HUNTED BY THE OTHERS.  

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