Book Review: Angelfire by: Courtney Allison Moulton

Angelfire (Angelfire - Trilogy)Publisher:  
Publish Date: 1 March 2011
Origins: Publisher for Review
Format: Hardcover
Series: Angelfire Series: Angelfire (1), Wings of the Wicked (2), Hymn of the Fallen

First there are nightmares.

Every night Ellie is haunted by terrifying dreams of monstrous creatures that are hunting her, killing her.

Then come the memories.

When Ellie meets Will, she feels on the verge of remembering something just beyond her grasp. His attention is intense and romantic, and Ellie feels like her soul has known him for centuries. On her seventeenth birthday, on a dark street at midnight, Will awakens Ellie's power, and she knows that she can fight the creatures that stalk her in the grim darkness. Only Will holds the key to Ellie's memories, whole lifetimes of them, and when she looks at him, she can no longer pretend anything was just a dream.

Now she must hunt.

Ellie has power that no one can match, and her role is to hunt and kill the reapers that prey on human souls. But in order to survive the dangerous and ancient battle of the angels and the Fallen, she must also hunt for the secrets of her past lives and truths that may be too frightening to remember.

When I first started reading I was like, Oh great mysterious eye contact just like every single other YA book I have been reading lately. I was pleasantly surprised this book definitely stands on it's own. It took me a little bit to get hooked because I wasn't feeling very genuine about Will yet, he just seemed, MEH. I gave it a few chapters and he started to get his groove and then I started getting into the story.

I like that even though Ellie is this bad-ass fighter she is still totally trying to be just a normal teenager. I also want to know what the hell is up with her dad, he has to have something to do with something, and probably not a good something. I don't like him at all. I did like the chemistry between Ellie and Will, it was gradual not like an immediate OMG I LOVE YOU. I was thankful for that.

I liked the world int his book most of all. I am fascinated by biblical legend and myth, probably because of my own religious affiliations, but I really enjoyed the way Ms. Moulton laid out her lore carefully and constructed it so everyone could understand it. I think the world that Ellie lives in is what will keep this book out of the "every other YA book" category. Will definitely watch for book two.

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  1. I really enjoyed the slow burn between Ellie and Will as well! OMG I thought the same thing about her dad! Have you seen the Wings of the Wicked synopsis? I suspect it's referring to him. Great review!


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