Interview: Melissa Crandall - Author of Weathercock

Good afternoon, everyone! It's my pleasure to have Ms. Melissa Crandall, the author of Weathercock here with me for an interview!

(S) Hi Melissa! Tell us a bit about yourself.

(MC) Hi Star! I grew up in Upstate New York, where I began writing at the age of five.  Did the college-thing, spent a lot of time writing for fanzines, and began my professional writing career in 1992.  I live in southern New England with my husband and two cats.

(S) Tell us a bit more about your books.

(MC) My early books were media tie-in novels. The first was Star Trek: Ice Trap, written in collaboration with two other authors under the name L.A. Graf. 

The other books were written under my own name:  Star Trek: Shell Game, Quantum Leap:  Search and Rescue, and the novelization of the pilot episode of Earth2.  I got the urge to play in my own playground after that. 

A limited print run collection of short fiction "Darling Wendy and Other Stories" was published by Seventh Circle Books.  Seventh Circle is on extended hiatus now, so I have the remaining copies if anyone is interested.  I tried for a long time to sell an agent on "Weathercock" without success.  Because I believe so strongly in this book and the story it tells, I decided to self-publish.

(S) Do you have any writing rituals?

(MC) I prefer to write in the morning, so you'll usually find me at my desk by 7 am (if not earlier).  I'll write for about 4-5 hours, take a break, and usually come back to handle business in the afternoon.

(S) Are you currently working on any new books/short stories – anything you can share with us?

(MC) I'm working on a novel called "Call of Blood," as well as several short stories.  I have notes for another novel "A Woman Scorned" perking at the back of my brain.

(S) Will there be a sequel to Weathercock?

(MC) If my readers have their say, there will be!  I have a very rough idea for one, but it'll have to be fleshed out before I'd even consider starting one.

(S) Who are some of your favorite authors?

(MC) Sir Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Barbara Hambly, Berkeley Breathed, J.M. Barrie, Harlan Ellison, Charles DeLint...the list goes on.

(S) Do you make a music playlist for your stories?
(MC) Very cool question!  I sometimes do.  "Weathercock" was inspired, in part, by the Jethro Tull song of the same name.  I have several bits of music (mostly from Kitaro's album "Kojiki" that have pushed me along on "Call of Blood).

(S) A BIG thank you to Melissa for stopping by and chatting with me today!


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