Book Review: Visions of Magic by: Regan Hastings

Visions of Magic: An Awakening Novel
Publisher: Signet
Publish Date: 1 February 2010
Origins: Publisher for Review
Format: Paperback
Series: The Awakening: Visions of Magic (1)

In the ten years since magic has reemerged in the world, witches have become feared and hunted. For weeks Shea Jameson has been haunted by visions of fire. When she unintentionally performs a spell in public, she becomes one of the hunted. Her only hope is Torin, a dangerously sensual man who claims to be her eternal mate

I love the concept of this book. Almost like a new age version of the old witch trial days. I mean, I hate the concept of persecuted witches, innocent or not, but the idea is pretty cool. I also can't wait to see what this story has in store as it progresses. This book defines a pretty good baseline and most like Gena Showalter's Lord of the Underworld series I see this series building by book in pairs. 

There were two things that set me off about this book. One was the fact that the main characters have sex everywhere, every which way, a million different times yet, it always felt the same for me. Each time didn't seem different in my eyes...and (I can't believe I am saying this) but it felt like a bit too much. I also had a problem keeping my head in this book. I read it, I enjoyed it, it was entertaining but I wasn't totally 100% engrossed the whole time.

As I siad, I enjoy the concept, I love the mating marks for the characters. Shea was a pretty cool, keep it together, kind of girl. I wasn't really feeling the villain though because...I think the author is trying to keep her redeemable and this book needed a non-redeemable villain and the pitch-fork mob wasn't cutting it.

I think this series has the potential to be amazing and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next!

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