Book Review: Shadow Touch by: Marjorie M. Liu

Shadow Touch: A Dirk & Steele NovelPublisher: Avon
Publish Date: 31 January 2006 (Reissue 2011)
Origins: Purchased
Format: Paperback
Series: Dirk and Steele Series: Tiger Eye (1), Shadow Touch (2), The Red Heart of Jade (3), Dark Dreamers (5), Eye of Heaven (6), Soul Song (7), The Last Twilight (8), The Wild Road (9), The Fire King (10), In the Dark of Dreams (11), Within the Flames (12)

Elena Baxter can work miracles with her fingers. She can coax bones to knit, flesh to heal. She can mend the mind and spirit.

That is why she is taken.

Artur Loginov joined Dirk & Steele, an international detective agency that specializes in the impossible, to help extraordinary souls in need—and to keep their secrets safe. For Artur himself is not like ordinary men—handsome, powerful, and tormented, he is able to do wondrous things with nothing but a thought and a touch. That is why he, too, is taken . . .

I think this author has balls of steel. She broaches subjects, areas, and different um...plot points you might not normally find in a romance novel and she makes them fit. She somehow makes torture and mind control perfectly normal in this book. The characters in this story are what really makes it unique. I wanted to get to know Artur more after the first book, Tiger Eye, but Ms. Liu teases us by only giving us a little bit. I was so happy his book was next. I instantly adored Elena, she is strong, smart, and does what needs to be done when she needs to. I love characters who know themselves.

Now, plot, half of this book is positioned in a human (or not so human) experimentation facility and both the characters are physically and mentally abused in this place. I was in shock and awe when I was reading...kept saying..."Are they cow...they did." then I would wiggle around in my seat some and dive back in the story. Ms. Liu takes her story seriously and has no qualms about running her people through the ringer, and then a cheese grater.

I adore this series so far and I can't wait to dig deeper and learn more about the other people who work for Dirk and Steele. I want to know more about Riktor and I need to know more about Koni...those are the guys on my radar now that Artur is happily settled.

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  1. This was definitely one of my favorites of the series! I have read and love them all, but Artur...mmm....


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