Book Review: Kiss Across Time by: Teal Ceagh

Kiss Across TimePublisher: Ellora's Cave
Publish Date: 4 May 2010
Origins: Publisher for Review
Format: Ebook
Series: Time Crossed Love Series: Kiss Across Time (1), Kiss Across Swords (2)

Taylor Yates just got fired from her university job for insisting that the fifth-century British poet and playwright, Inigo Domhnall, existed. When she hears the poet-s lyrics in a death metal song, she engineers a meeting with the dark-eyed, dark-haired lead singer, Brody Gallagher. An unintended kiss sends them spinning back to the poet-s time, when Saxons were pillaging King Arthur-s Britain, and a warrior expects a proper farewell from his woman before he sets off for war. Brody is all for kissing her again. More, he'd like her to try kissing his friend and lover, Veris, just to see what will happen. His tall, blond, blue-eyed Saxon friend, Veris.

First off, I owe this author an apology. This book and the second in the series has been sitting in my email for a long time, I put it in a folder and I forgot about it. I went through my email the other day to make sure I wasn't missing anything and TA-DA...there is was. I feel horrible and I offer my sincerest apology. On to the review...

I really liked this book. It had a flavor of the book/movie (more the movie) Queen of the Damned, minus another male character. I enjoyed the characters, I loved going back in time with them and I love the subtle nod to Arthurian legend in this book (yes, I know, I am obsessed). I think Ms. Ceagh has an assortment of wonderful characters here and I can't wait to read more about them.

I enjoyed the men the most, I think Veris, the silent demanding one the three, is my favorite though. I hope we get to learn more about him in the next book. 

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