Book Review: The Grail King by: Joy Nash

The Grail King (Druids of Avalon)Publisher: Dorchester
Publish Date: 1 April 2011
Origins: Netgalley
Format: Ebook
Series: Druids of Avalon Series: Celtic Fire (1), The Grail King (2), Deep Magic (3), Silver Silence (4)

ll who dwell in Avalon possess the powers of the Old Ones. But only some are keepers of the Light. One among them has dared to call upon the Deep Magic, conjuring up a dark storm that bodes ill for the people of Britannia...

The vision came upon him suddenly: a delicate Roman beauty materializing out of the swirling whiteness of the snow. Her appearance near his ruined Celtic village makes no sense, but when the trance leaves him, she remains, demanding that he use his Sight to help her find a stolen grail. The last thing Owein intends is to use his gifts for his enemy, yet something tells him this innocent lass has the power to heal his wounded heart.

I found this a very satisfying paranormal historical fantasy. I enjoyed it a lot. Ms. Nash hooks the readers in about 5 pages and doesn't stop delivering awesome-ness at all. I immediately went and ordered the first book in this series, Celtic Fire, which I believe features Owein's sister, but that is my guess, I haven't looked into it more. I adored Owein, he is hot, powerful, kind, and a deeply scarred man who didn't let the bad in his world change him when it could have most people. 

I love the fire in Clara, she wants to help her father and she is prepared to do anything it takes to make it happen. I love fierceness and sheer will in a character and Clara has both of those things. I also adored many of the secondary characters, which I am sure we will see more of, like Rhys and Gwen...I am intrigued if we will see anything Arthurian related in this series, I am DYING to know... just dying. I will definitely continue with this series and this author. I loved her writing style and her characters.

Also...just an FYI, her sensual scenes are pretty darn hot!

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