Armchair BEA Interview

Today for Armchair BEA I have the pleasure of interviewing Jehara from Quirky Girl Reads

(BBB) Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog.

(QGR) Quirky Girls Read is a group book blog. Writing about books was starting to dominate my personal blog so I decided to create a separate home for all things bookish. Molly wrote a post about group blogging, which inspired me to do a group book blog instead of trying to maintain two blogs by myself. The blog is an eclectic mix of genres and bookish discussions. Molly writes about classics, Margot writes about award winners and heads up our Teaser Tuesday posts. Izzy writes about paranormal and YA. She also writes great book v movie reviews. Chauceriangirl reads a wide variety of books so her posts are always a surprise and a treat. I like to write about my book club books and I'll throw in some nonfiction and YA. I also like to mix it up with bookish quotations.
(BBB) Why did you decide to start blogging and when?

(QGR) QGR is very new. We started it February of this year. However, I've been blogging since 2007 at my personal blog. I sort of fell into it. I didn't know the blogosphere existed until I discovered two of my close friends, none other than Izzy and CG, had blogs. It seemed like fun so I started one too. I had no idea that I would discover a thriving community and make new friends.
(BBB) What do you mainly enjoy reading?

(QGR) I am really into fiction. I love YA, paranormal, magical realism.. I also really enjoy memoirs and biographies and a little bit of manga here and there to mix it up.
(BBB) Have you ever attended BEA? If so what was you fav part? If not, what are you looking forward to when you get to.

QGR) I have never attended BEA. I didn't even know about it until next year. I think if I went I would be overwhelmed by all the many books. I think it would be fun to get to meet authors and fellow bloggers.
(BBB) Any advice to novice bloggers out there?

(QGR) Participating in memes (moderately) when you first start blogging gives your blog exposure and introduces you to other blogs.  Comment often and participate in blogging events  when you can. Not only is it fun, but being part of the community is what makes blogging so rewarding. My personal favorite is Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon.
(BBB) Favorite food?

(QGR) As much as I love Mexican food, I'm going to have to go with Indian. My favorite meal is vegetable samosas with tamarind chutney, navratten korma with basmati rice and garlic nan. Homemade carrot halwa for dessert is just icing.
(BBB) Do you prefer softcovers, hardcovers, ebooks?

(QGR) I prefer trade paperbacks. Hardbacks intimidate me. I am afraid to mess them up. I do have to say though that I recently received a Kindle and it is scarily addictive.  At this particular moment it is a toss up between trade paperbacks and ebooks.
(BBB) If you could only take one book with you to a deserted island what would it be?

(QGR) This is hard. Can I have Hermione's magical bag that fits everything? No? Hmm. Because HP 1-7 doesn't exist in one volume and it would be cheating to consider them all as one, I will go with Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. It is a new favorite. Hopefully, I get stranded on an island with other book lovers who have all the books I can't bring. :)

(BBB) Thanks so much for letting me interview you today!!!

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  1. Nice interview. Moderation in meme participation is good advice.

    I got the chance to interview via email the owner of Notorious Spinks Talks Books. Come read the review.

  2. Dewey's Read-a-thon is one of my favorites too. Great job!

  3. Meme's have been the best way to get my blog exposure too. And for me to find blogs I like.

  4. Enjoyed the interview. I'm off to find out more about Dewey's Read-a-thon. Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. I don't really know how to do "moderate," LOL.

    But, since I have a lot of blogs and do a lot of book reviews on my sites, I'm not worried. Denial?

    Thanks for the enlightening interview. I've enjoyed visiting Quirky Girls. I belong to a group blog of writers, Dames of Dialogue. It's fun to share the tasks.


  6. I agree - Dewey's Readathon (and other events) is definitely a great way to get started and meeting other bloggers. :-)

  7. Great interview. I'm one of Jehara's teammates on the Quirky Girls Read blog. Fun to find out she likes Indian food, although I have no idea what those dishes are that she mentioned. Sounds very exotic.

  8. That is a good point, Margot. I'm so used to ordering it I forget that it isn't even English. Samosas are spiced potatoes and peas wrapped in dough and fried. They are super good. Navratten korma is nine vegetables served in an almond cream sauce and nan is Indian bread.


  9. Meme particpation is excellent advice-it's what I always tell new bloggers as well =]

    Great interview, you made my mouth water with that meal!!

    The Cait Files

  10. I'm not good at moderate either.. lol. I do everything I can! It's ridiculous.

    I interviewed Bob @ The Guilded Earlobe. Check it out? Thanks!

    Mickey @ imabookshark


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