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So I decided to post my blogging tips for success. I am going to do this off the top of my head and will probably echo a lot of others' posts.
1. We are a community therefor our successes and failures help and hinder everyone. Minus the few select HUGE blogs out there when one blogger gets caught plagerizing, selling ARCs, and bashing authors personally in negative reviews it reflects badly on every other person on the community. So just remember that when you are emailing publishers and authors. Be professional if you are going to work with professionals.
2. It's ok to be friendly and professional. I have many an author I happily call dear friends but at the same time if I read one of thier books and I don't like it, I will say I didn't like it and it won't hinder the professional or personal relationships I have with these authors because we are professionals and adults. SO...don't ever let anyone tell you can't be friends with someone because you read thier book or might review it. NO. The beauty of America folks...I DO WHAT I WANT!
3. Drama. Drama. Drama. Drama. I really try to stay out of it unless it hits a personal chord with me. Don't get sucked into the drama and if you do get sucked or are involved be professional about it.
4. Negative reviews. Bloggers do one of the following 1) don't write negative reviews 2) are mean and aggresive in negative reviews 3) write a perfectly respectable, AND CONSTRUCTIVE, negative reviews. Basically if I am going to write a negative review I mention at least one positive thing about the book, be it the cover, or something, it's easy to find one thing and then I explain in objective and constructive terms why the book DID NOT WORK FOR ME. That is important, you have no say over whether or not this book sucks to your friends, you know yourself and why you did not like it. Try to explain why it didn't mesh with you. I also try to include other's reviews (totally random in choosing) with mine as well so people can get a second opinion. You never know the reasons you hate a book may be the very reasons someone else may love it.
5. Stay connected. You can easily unconnect from the blogging world and then totally missed so many blogs going up or down and all kinds of happenings. That being said, when you need a break, take a break, most of us will be here when you return.
6. IT IS YOUR BLOG! Own it! Don't try to make your blog like anyone elses, don't write a post because someone begged you to. Write what you want to write when you want to write it. Let your freak flag fly proudly!
7. Fall in love. Passionately. Be passionate about your books, your blog, your friends, and anything you can possibly be passionate about, because you can! So many people around the world can't even express an opinion without fear of persecution. YOU HAVE THAT FREEDOM! USE IT!
Thanks for taking the time to listen to my mindless rambles :) I appreciate you!
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  1. Yes to number 7! Whenever I'm in a reading or blogging slump, a great book always pulls me out of it. When I fall in love with a book, I get excited to share it to the rest of the world.

  2. #6 is very important.

    To blog well you need to know: your topic, your audience and your voice. Come learn more.

  3. Super tips! and all off the top of your, that's talent! I am stewing over this one.

  4. Great post! Like the other commenters, I totally agree with 6 & 7. At first it's hard to just say what you want without worrying about what other people will say. Now it's not even a blip in my mind!

    I'm like you with #4. Whenever I write a negative review I always find something good to say about it. A lot of the time, people who read my negative reviews say "Thanks for the review! Can't wait to read this!". They're obviously liking something I didn't and that's great. I'm just one person and my opinion could be completely different to everyone else's :)

  5. Like you say, I think blogging is most fun if you fall in love - with books and especially with the community.

  6. Excellent post, especially #3 and #4!

  7. Great list. Very helpful. I think #6 was needed. Sometimes it is easy to forget when you are worried about what other people like or will think.

  8. Several people have talked about drama this week and I think I must be either dense or optimistic because I've never noticed it. Maybe I've just not been around long enough! :) Also, I agree with #7 and said something very similar to it in my post.

    Stopping in via Armchair BEA and am a new follower!

  9. I love the #1 tip! It's just like how the actions of a few always hurt many people. Sadly, we live in a world where a lot of the "bad" people get the attention and overshadow those "good" people.

    I try to stay out of the drama too! It's not worth it.

    When I write negative reviews, I try to articulate what I didn't like about a book and suggest who would like it. I can usually pinpoint a reason why a certain book didn't click with me and I always try to state it. This helps readers make an informed decision and also helps the authors!

    Very good tips, thanks :)

    Here is my post about blogging!

  10. Just swinging by on the end of the Armchair - happy reading.

  11. #6 is SO important....sometimes we just need to step back, and take a break, or post something completely off topic because that's where life is taking us at the moment.

    Great post glad you enjoyed the BEA.


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