Dear Lovlies,

I got a chance to go to the Kyobo bookstore in Seoul on Thursday. I was super excited, this is the largest chain bookstore in Korea and it has the largest selection of books in English in the country, since it had been awhile since I had pet some books I decided it would be super fun to go. I even took some pictures for you.  (I am NOT a professional photographer and these photos were taken with my phone, please don't judge :)

The sign marking where me and my friend were trying to go! YAY

The sign at the help desks all over the store, made me laugh. I want the title of BOOK MASTER!

A picture over the top of some shelves...it just kept going. I would have taken more of the store itself but there were A TON of people there on a Thursday afternoon.

Some Korean versions of some books you may recognize :)

I also walked around the corner (in the rain) to a local tourist attraction called Cheon-gye-Cheon which means stream (I think) in Korean. Very cool.

We also ran across some goofiness...here is a picture of a mailbox on post lol. That's my friend Jamie who was with me.

Here is a picture of a Korean book vending machine in the train platform, we need these in the states...on second thought, no we don't.

This concludes my Korea post. I hope you liked the pictures and the crazy! I miss the USA, needless to say, and miss all my blogger buddies. See you all in 8 months and 30 days!


  1. Looks like you're having a swell time in Korea! I never would've thought of looking for the English section of a foreign book store. Brilliant!

  2. The book vending maching is SOO cool! How are the prices Monica? Like the cost of Hunger Games vs. our prices? Miss you lots xoxo

  3. Prices were EXPENSIVE! About 10,500 won for a paperback book which is equivalent to about like 9 bucks for a paperback. Ridiculous. Trade were about 18 and HC were about 28. Expensive.

  4. That bookstore is huge! It's different seeing English listed as the foreign section. I love the post drop and the book vending machines. How awesome is that!?


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