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March 16, 2011

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Weathercock. The name evokes flames and chaos, and a mythic hero who will one day change the world. Young Kinner - betrayed by those he loves and sentenced to die - knows only one thing: in a world where women hold all the power and men are nothing but property, heroes are hard to come by.

Determined to find a life on his own terms, he flees execution only to discover he knows nothing about survival. Used to relying on others, he dreams of rescue. Instead of the Weathercock, what he gets is Rai and Banya, mercenary soldiers on the run from the determined (and increasingly psychotic) Commander Remeg.

The last thing they need is to play nursemaid to a half-grown whelp, but a madwoman's dark secret soon ties their fates. For a while, things actually go their way until further treachery casts a dark wing over the travelers. Alone once more, Kinner must discover within the bravery and skill to save not only himself, but also his friends.

And what of Weathercock? Can someone who doesn't even exist appear when Kinner needs him most?

Review: WOW!!! From the first words to the last, Weathercock captured my mind and heart. Ms. Crandall has created a world run by women (not so bad, right?) where the men are only responsible for breeding children and not much else. They're not considered intelligent enough to hold a job or make decisions - they are essentially property. In this world, fertile male children are few and far between, so they are highly prized - but put to work as a stud until they are worn out and even more "useless". The only thing more useless than a man past his prime is an infertile man. Will the Weathercock come along soon to make equality between the sexes and change the world?

I loved, loved this book!! The cast of characters - from the rough soldiers Rai and Banya to quiet Kinner and even the psychotic (and just plain nuts) Remeg - were well-written and dynamic. The interactions between characters, dialogue, and plot are superb. I could not put this book down. Ms. Crandall has such a beautiful and chilling way with words. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to read her work.


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