Book Review: The Time-Traveling Fashionista by: Bianca Turetsky



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April 5, 2011

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What if a beautiful vintage dress could take you back in time?

Louise Lambert has always dreamed of a movie starlets and exquisite gowns, and longs for the day when she can fill the closet of her normal suburban home with stylish treasures. But when she receives a mysterious invitation to a vintage fashion sale in the mail, her once painfully average life is magically transformed into a time-travel adventure.

Suddenly on board a luxurious cruise ship a hundred years ago, Louise relishes the glamour of this opulent age and slips into a life of secrets, drama, and decadence. 

Review: Louise Lambert lives for vintage fashion…she’s quite an old soul for being only twelve years old. If she’s not at a thrift shop or pouring over vintage fashion books and magazines or thinking about it – it’s only because she’s asleep. The twists begin when Louise gets a fancy invitation to a traveling vintage fashion sale. She is so stoked because she thinks this is THE place to find the perfect dress for the upcoming dance.

When she shows up to the sale with her best friend, they’re met by the proprietors – two very eccentric older ladies. When Louise finds a dress that calls to her, the women encourage her to try it on. The next thing she knows, she’s on a cruise ship being called by a different name and no one sees her true self. Can Louise figure out where and when she is…before it’s too late to save herself (and everyone else on the ship)??

The Time Traveling Fashionista was a fun and quick read! Ms. Turetsky’s passion shines through the pages as much as the illustrations give life to the story. Louise is a very engaging and likeable character!! I loved the supporting cast of characters and how richly Louise’s environment was painted. A well-crafted novel and one I could read again and again!

The Time-Traveling Fashionista Series: The Time-Traveling Fashionista (1), The Time-Traveling Fashionista at the Palace of Marie Antoinette (2)


  1. I wasn't sure this was for me, but I've seen enough great reviews now that I think it sounds like a really fun read! Thanks for the review!

  2. Fantastic review! I noticed you said you would read it again and again... that's enough for me to add it to my ever-growing wish list!

  3. This sounds adorable! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.


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