Book Review: Spirit Dances by: C.E. Murphy


Luna Books

Publish Date:
March 22, 2011


Trade Paperback

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For Seattle detective Joanne Walker, spring is about new beginnings. She's mastered her shamanic abilities (mostly), survived a cannibalistic serial killer (barely) and now she's facing the biggest challenge of her career - attending a dance concert with her sexy boss, Captain Michael Morrison. But when the performance - billed as transformative - actually changes her into a coyote, she and Morrison have bigger things to deal with.

And there's more. Homeless people are disappearing, a mystical murder puts Joanne way out of her jurisdiction and with the full moon coming on, it's looking like the killer is a creature that can't possibly exist.

But Jo could probably handle all of that, if one ordinary homicide hadn't pushed her to the very edge.

Review: Spirit Dances is one of the best of The Walker Papers series, if not the best! Joanne thought she might get a break from the supernatural world for a little while when she’s given tickets to a dance concert – and invites Morrison! Now her worry is focused on not screwing up on their date. However, nothing is as easy as it seems for Joanne…

I’m quite impressed with how much confidence Joanne has gained and how much she’s grown throughout the series. It’s nice to see her working toward actualizing her full potential and full control of her abilities. She’s stopped running from her problems and the situations she finds herself in, which is very refreshing. I also enjoy Joanne's relationship with her mentor and her spirit animals.

This series is one of my favorites and I’m now counting the days to the next book!

The Walker Papers: Urban Shaman (1), Thunderbird Falls (2), Coyote Dreams (3), Walking Dead (4), Demon Hunts (5), Spirit Dances (6), Raven Calls (7)


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