Book Review: The Black Widow Trainer by: Craig Odanovich

The Black Widow Trainer: An Erotic Adventure Novel (The Black Widow Trainer Series)
Publisher: Emerald Book Company
Publish Date: 1 January 2011
Origins: Publicist for Review
Format: Trade Paperback

Bored with tedium of her passionless marriage, Misty's life explodes after a weekend of mind-blowing sex with the man of her dreams. Exploring the physical limits of her newfound desire, she combines the lure of her honed, disciplined body with cunning business acumen and redefines herself as the Black Widow Trainer, a high-price personal trainer/escort.

Negotiating an open relationship with her husband is the easiest part of her career move. Adjusting to the whims and demands of her well-heeled and imaginative clients, however, requires Misty to expand the limits of her sensual being.

The genre-busting novel features a cast of original, gritty characters, including an Alaskan sea captain, a pint-size satyr, and a genderbending woman, Misty's fantastic sexcapades in exotic locations around the world are hot enough to fire up anyone's sex life.

I am still so up in the air about this book. I like the concept...there are just a few things that threw me about it. I mean...why personal trainer? Also...the author switched characters quite often sometimes in adjacent paragraphs and now that I have started noticing that stuff in my own writing it drives me nuts.

All of the above aside, the story is pretty cool, interesting, and I like the character progression and plot. I am so glad about how it ended, I was sorta surprised and not expecting the climax, never know sometimes. I would recommend this book for people who like to venture into erotica that is outside their comfort zone. I will probably pick up the next book in this series because I am intrigued as to where Mr. Odanovich is going to take Misty.

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