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Star and I would like to welcome author Mary Abshire on the blog today. Marry Abshire is the author of 'Claiming the Evil Dead'.

 Claiming the Evil Dead

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog post.

Hardbacks, paperbacks, or electronic?

Back when I collected books, I was fond of hardbacks. I liked to hear the crinkle of the spine when I opened the cover. The books smelled good too. But today, I find the hardbacks taking up too much space. I lost the appeal of them.

So I purchase paperbacks. They're smaller, I can fit more on my shelves, and I can carry them around in my purse. The hardbacks weight too much and as I get older, I want to avoid arthritis. Hurray for paperbacks, and they're cheaper. Got to love that detail.

Move to the current age of technology. Electronic devices are replacing books incredibly fast. Sales for ebooks are through the roof and it amazes me. I have heard many good things about different ereaders and I say good for you if you own one. It is the wave of the future. Just not mine yet. I still prefer the paperbacks. One day I'm sure I'll change to free up space in the house, just like I got rid  of many of my hardback books. First, I have to get through the 100 plus paperbacks waiting in my TBR pile.

For a small time writer such as myself ereaders are a blessing. My books start out in electronic format, which makes them available to many more people. Got to love it. Why go buy a book by an unknown author at a store when you can surf the web, do your research, and decide with a click of the mouse or touch of your finger to purchase the book? Yes, those readers are a godsend to us lesser-known authors.

My question to you, do you have a preference and why?

Thank you SOO much Ms. Abshire for stopping by!

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