Book Review: Vicious Grace by: M.L.N. Hanover


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November 30, 2010


Mass Market Paperback

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When you're staring evil in the eye, don't forget to watch your back...

For the first time in forever, Jayné Heller's life is making sense. Even if she routinely risks her life to destroy demonic parasites that prey on mortals, she now has friends, colleagues, a trusted lover, and newfound confidence in the mission she inherited from her wealthy, mysterious uncle. Her next job just might rob her of all of them.

At Grace Memorial Hospital in Chicago, something is stirring. Patients are going AWOL and research subjects share the same sinister dreams. Half a century ago, something was buried under Grace in a terrible ritual, and it's straining to be free. Jayné is primed to take on whatever is about to be let loose. Yet the greatest danger now may not be the huge, unseen force lurking below, but the evil that has been hiding in plain sight all along - taking her ever close to losing her body, her mind, and her soul...

Review: Jayné Heller is drawn to Chicago by a frantic phone call from Kim - her lover's ex-wife. Kim has been working at Grace Memorial Hospital and one of the researchers has found something disconcerting. All of his patients have been having the same dream...of evil. Now it's up to Jayné and her friends to find and bind the growing evil that is haunting the people and structure of Grace Memorial Hospital. Yet as they are discovering the roots of the evil in the hospital, Jayné is learning more about her uncle Eric and his work - and not what she expected.

I did enjoy this book and I think it is a wonderful next step in the series. The author has a way of spinning the story so you find yourself unable to put it down! I don't know how long this series is going to be, but I hope that we learn even more about Eric and what powers Jayné has that are ingrained. Sometimes it feels as you are being teased with partial information in each book. Also, every book in this series always leaves me wanting the next book immediately!

The Black Sun's Daughter series: Unclean Spirits (1), Darker Angels (2), Vicious Grace (3), Killing Rites (4)


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