Book Review: Soul Hunt by: Margaret Ronald


Harper Voyager

Publish Date:
January 1, 2011


Mass Market Paperback

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The hunter has become the hunted...

Without even realizing what she was doing, Genevieve Scelan has made a bad bargain. The Red Sox fanatic and supernatural tracker known as "Hound" for her extraordinary power of scent wishes she could leave magic behind now that she's eradicated the evil cabal that oppressed Boston's undercurrent for centuries. But now her talent's fading, the local adepts' squabbles are turning ugly, and worse, she just discovered that she owes a very large debt to someone...or some thing. And in the undercurrent, debts are taken very seriously.

Evie has until midwinter to pay up...or else. So when she gets a job that might save her - even if she's breaking all her own rules to take it - she can't pass it up. Now, with danger at her back and uncertain allies beside her, she'll trace the very bones of Boston itself to protect both the city and the people she loves.

Review: Genevieve "Evie" Scelan knows that she’s in deep trouble – she’s given back the horn of the Wild Hunt and now has to pay the price for using it previously. Unfortunately, she’s not been feeling herself, even to the point of losing her Hound abilities. Time is now running out for her survival and she has to find the answers before it’s too late…

Evie’s an alluring heroine with a nose for trouble (literally!). She is learning the consequences of her actions and they’re not always pretty. I think this is a great series and Evie is a wonderful character. All of the characters are well fleshed out, while the story is enchanting and fast paced.

Evie Scelan series: Spiral Hunt (1), Wild Hunt (2), Soul Hunt (3)


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