Book Review: Firewalker by: Allyson James



Publish Date:
November 2, 2010


Mass Market Paperback

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Janet Begay's Crossroads Hotel has attracted the supernatural from the day it opened. Witches, Changers, and a mouthy magic mirror have decided to make it their home. But a new, dark power is rising - this time inside Janet herself.

Her boyfriend, Mick, a sexy dragon shape-shifter the Navajo call a Firewalker, knows what terrifying magic is threatening to overwhelm Janet and her Stormwalker powers. He watches over her, ready to fight for her, to do anything to keep her safe.

But then a mysterious corpse is found near the Crossroads Hotel - and Janet becomes Sheriff Nash Jones's main suspect. Trouble is, even she can't be sure she didn't do it. Now Janet and Mick must uncover what really happened, and their investigation leads to the most perilous decision of their lives: Mick must choose between protecting his own people and guarding Janet, the woman he loves, from the many forces amassing against her. 

Review: Firewalker starts out with Janet getting a summons from Mick, her dragon boyfriend, and she’s drawn to where he’s been trapped by the Dragon Council. Then a tourist’s remains are found in the desert and to Sheriff Nash Jones, everyone is a suspect. However, Janet realizes that the murder is supernatural and she’s got to figure out what happened as well as support Mick at his trial.

There is so much going on and it’s fascinating how well everything fit together nicely – I am so happy to see the promise I saw in Stormwalker come to fruition in Firewalker. The book is fun, action-packed, and as always, full of magic, mysticism, and old gods. I enjoyed the development of the plot, characters, and relationships. The story is tight and, as always, I love the magic mirror and Coyote!! I am looking forward to the next book in the series!

Stormwalker series: Stormwalker (1), Firewalker (2), Shadow Walker (3), Nightwalker (4) 

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